WATCH: Mark Andrews puts Ravens on the board with one-handed catch


Regression? I don't think so.

Pundits spent all offseason talking about two key stats in the Ravens offense that would have to come back to Earth in 2020 - Lamar Jackson passing touchdowns, and Mark Andrews receiving touchdowns. Both players led their respective positions last year on not very many attempts.

It's not that anybody has a problem believing in the talent of those two stars, but that their efficiency would be impossible to maintain on such relatively small volume.

Well, they've each started off pretty efficient in Week 1.

Jackson does a terrific job navigating the pocket and going through his progressions here, but it's Andrews who steals the show. The Ravens tight end is so wide open that Jackson actually misses his target. But with Andrews in the end zone, it didn't matter.

This was an early catch-of-the-day candidate, and it put the Ravens on the board with the first of what will hopefully be many, many connections between these two this season.