Why Jaguars fans are trying to mass vote Ngakoue to the Pro Bowl


As voting for the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl begins, plenty of Baltimore Ravens players will have their name on the ballots. Among them will be newly-acquired pass-rusher Yannick Ngakoue.

Yet, when it comes to the faction that is leading the push for Ngakoue to make his second Pro Bowl, they aren't located in Baltimore. Instead, Jacksonville Jaguars fans are the ones clicking on the fifth-year pro's name.

Why? Well, despite Ngakoue no longer being a member of the Jaguars or the Minnesota Vikings, his play is still tied to them for the 2020 season. When he was dealt to the Vikings from Jacksonville in the offseason, there was a clause in the trade that noted if Ngakoue made the Pro Bowl, a conditional fifth-round pick sent to the Jaguars would become a fourth-round pick. 

The agreement, however, was not team-specific. So when Ngakoue was sent to the Ravens, the incentives remained in place. Therefore, Jaguars fans are leading a mass voting campaign to try and improve their future draft status.

Jacksonville fans are not alone in this movement, as they have also been working to recruit other supporters as well. That includes Minnesota's division rivals in the Bears, Lions and Packers as well as the Saints, who have had their hearts broken by the Vikings multiple times in the playoffs as of late.

Together, they are hoping to pull a fast one on the Vikings, simply by voting for a player that is not on any of their teams. Isn't the internet great?


Ngakoue currently has five sacks on the season, though he has yet to record his first as a Raven.

The Pro Bowl will move virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that's not something that will impact how Jaguars fans vote. They want a higher draft pick as they rebuild, and getting Ngakoue there helps them do just that.