Matthew Judon hates macaroni & cheese, tries some anyway


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon hates macaroni and cheese. Oh, and cantaloupe, too!

Wait. Who hates macaroni and cheese? Judon, that’s who!

I can understand if cantaloupe isn’t your thing, but macaroni and cheese?

Is this the world we want to live in? A world where macaroni and cheese is not every American’s favorite side dish? A world where the 1,000 variations of mac and cheese are disregarded and treated like mere lima beans? I shudder at the thought.

I, however, am not Matthew Judon.

Judon took to IG today to share his disdain for the two aforementioned treats while EATING them both!

Having tested positive for COVID-19 six days ago, Judon confirms having lost his sense of taste allowed him to indulge in the many wonderful blessings that shells and cheese bring. He even ate a chunk of cantaloupe.

The strangest part of the video is him eating them in the same meal. I can’t go for that. Ugh.

However, one must remember one crucial fact…I am not Matthew Judon. I am also not going to criticize Judon’s dietary preferences…to his face.

I will instead thank him for a good laugh on social media and wish him a safe and speedy recovery.