Ray Allen: Beal not yet in his prime, will help team win a title


Wizards star Bradley Beal has long been compared to Hall of Famer Ray Allen, going all the way back to high school when he emerged as one of the best players in the country. Allen can see the similarities himself, as he said on the 'The Posecast' hosted by Allen's former teammate, James Posey.

Allen explained how Beal, as much as he's already done at the NBA level, is ready to really take off.

"I've always said that Bradley Beal in Washington was of my likeness. It's like he's been around so long, but he's still so young. I think he's only like 27 years old. He hasn't even reached his prime yet," Allen said.

Allen, in fact, thinks Beal is going to be a key piece on a title team in the near future. He's just not certain where it will be.

"He's going to have some great impact. He will be somewhere on somebody's team, if it's not in Washington, he will be helping a team win a championship within the next 10 years," Allen said.

Wizards fans, of course, hope it happens in Washington. As for whether Beal has reached his prime, it's possible he hasn't. He has continually improved his game over the years, including this past season when he finished second in the NBA in scoring (30.5 ppg). 

(via SLAM)