A report from showed that the Browns wanted to move for Terrelle Pryor Sr. before the NFL trade deadline, but the Redskins would not part with their wideout. 

Many fans want to know, why not?

Through eight games, Pryor has not produced much in Washington. He has 20 catches for 240 yards and one touchdown. Last month, Pryor even apologized via his Instagram feed for his poor performance with the Redskins. 

After losing receivers Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson last offseason, many expected Pryor to step in and have a huge year in Washington. Teamed up with Kirk Cousins and put into an effective Jay Gruden offense, the theory made sense. 

It hasn't happened. 

Pryor has been plagued by suspect hands and subpar route running. At the same time, he has all the physical tools to make an impact, like he did last year in Cleveland. 

With significant usage in the Browns offense in 2016, Pryor went for over 1,000 yards receiving. In Washington's offense, where Cousins move quickly through reads, Pryor is not getting close to the target count he got last season in Cleveland. 

So again, why wouldn't the Redskins brass want to trade Pryor?

Two reasons jump out:

  1. Pot committed. The Redskins signed Pryor to a one-year, $6 million contract. $3 million of that came in the form of a signing bonus, and with eight games done, he's already earned another $1.5 million in salary. Considering the Redskins have already paid 75 percent of the contract, the team must want to see what they can get out of Pryor in the remaining 50 percent of the season. 
  2. Up the ante. In the NFL, almost any player can be moved if the offer comes in high enough. The Browns would have already been getting a value for Pryor, just based on the contract structure. It's unlikely they offered much to acquire their former star wideout, especially considering Cleveland is in the middle of another terrible season and could chase Pryor in free agency this winter. 

One last thought: It might be premature to close the door on Pryor delivering some value for the Redskins this season. At this point, he will certainly not play up to offseason expectations, and another 1,000 yard season won't happen, but if the Redskins want to make a December playoff run, a big, athletic wideout might help. 



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