The 2019 NFL Combine, which takes place from Tuesday, Feb. 26 to Monday, March 4, will feature a large array of college football prospects looking to make an impression on all 32 NFL teams in what is one of the most influential events leading up to the NFL Draft.

With the 2019 NFL Combine getting underway this week, here's all the information needed to ensure you're prepared for all the action.

How can I watch the 2019 NFL Combine?

Like in years past, the 2019 NFL Combine can be watched on NFL Network, and can be streamed on or the NFL app. However, the 2019 NFL Combine will also have some coverage on ABC, as the station will air some coverage of the NFL Combine over the weekend.

Despite the 2019 NFL Combine beginning on Tuesday, the main coverage of the on-field activities does not begin until Friday. Interviews from NFL personnel will be aired on NFL Network in the days prior.

What is the event schedule at the 2019 NFL Combine?

As mentioned above, the NFL Combine's main action, seeing the players work through drills, does not begin until Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday consist mostly of interviews with prospects along with NFL personnel. Here's how the NFL Combine schedule shakes out for Friday and beyond:

On-field workout schedule for the 2019 NFL Combine:

  • Friday: Offensive linemen, Special Teams, Kickers, Running Backs
  • Saturday: Quarterbacks, Tight ends, Wide Receivers
  • Sunday: Linebackers, Defensive linemen
  • Monday: Defensive ends

What goes on at the 2019 NFL Combine?

Besides private interviews between players and NFL management, the 2019 NFL Combine will consist of six drills that almost every player will participate in, along with specific drills related to positions. 


The six main drills that you'll see being done at the NFL Combine are the 40-yard dash, three-cone drill, broad jump, vertical jump, bench press, and shuttle run.

What are the storylines for the 2019 NFL Combine?

There's no shortage of things to watch for at the 2019 NFL Combine. For all 32 teams and every player participating in the combine, the next few days will have a large impact on the future of both parties involved.

When it comes to this year's NFL Combine, it's hard not to ping Kyler Murray as someone to keep an eye on. The Heisman winner recently declared that he would attend the draft over MLB Spring Training, as he has confirmed that he will be focusing on his football career in the future. 

A potential target for numerous teams in need of a quarterback, his measurables and performance is something many will be keeping an eye on at the 2019 NFL Combine.

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