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2019 NFL Trade Deadline Tracker: Latest news, reports and rumors

2019 NFL Trade Deadline Tracker: Latest news, reports and rumors

Midway through the NFL season, there are several teams that can take advantage of the NFL Trade Deadline. 

Many teams are better than even they may have anticipated heading into this year. Teams like the San Fransisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and the Arizona Cardinals all of a sudden have the playoffs on their minds. As recently turned buyers before the NFL trade deadline, there could be some desperation-type moves with multiple picks involved.

On the flipside, underperforming teams will have the assets. The Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins and even the Atlanta Falcons will be selling, looking for a reset button. They will need draft picks to ensure they are not here next season. 

Would even a team like the Baltimore Ravens just need a single piece to take them from good to great? Lots can happen and there is not a lot of time. 

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4:00 p.m. ET. 

NFL Deadline Tracker: 

Oct. 29 - TRADE: The Rams have shipped CB Aqib Talib and a fifth-round pick to the Dolphins for a future draft selection, says ESPN. Talib is currently on the Injured Reserve with a rib injury.

Oct. 29 - The Redskins asked for Denzel Ward in return for Trent Williams, NFL Network reported. The original ask was understood to be a first-round pick, but the ask of Ward suggests Washington is looking for a more significant return.

Oct. 28 - Chargers running back Melvin Gordon, who held out from the team's first four games seeking a new contract, has been linked to both the Lions and Bills as possible trade destinations, according to NFL Network's Jeremy Fowler. Los Angeles would have to lower their asking price, however.

Oct. 28 - The Jaguars have no plans to trade quarterback Nick Foles, who has missed the team's last seven games with a broken collarbone. The emergence of rookie QB Gardner Minshew made some question whether the Jaguars would move on from Foles, but NFL Network's Jeremy Fowler reported the team wants to keep the former Super Bowl MVP.

Oct. 28 - After reportedly irritating teams by not listening on trade offers for disgruntled LT Trent Williams, the Redskins have changed course and are seeking suitors for a potential deal. NFL Network reports that the Browns are among teams interested, while Sports Illustrated says Washington is seeking a first-round pick in return for Williams.

Oct. 28 - The Giants are willing to listen to trade offers for "several of their own key veterans," says ESPN.

Oct. 28 - TRADE: In what is the first-ever trade between the Jets and Giants, DT Leonard Williams has been shipped to the Giants for a 2020 third-round pick and a 2021 fifth-rounder, per ESPN.

Oct. 28 - TRADE: With David Johnson's health in question, the Cardinals locked up their backfield by trading for RB Kenyan Drake from the Dolphins. In exchange, they gave up a conditional sixth-round pick. 

Oct. 27 - Teams have contacted the Texans inquiring about the status of WR DeAndre Hopkins, reports FOX. Houston has not indicated to teams that Hopkins is on the trade block, and if a deal did get done, it would require a large return.

Oct. 27 - The market for Chargers RB Melvin Gordon is expected to be active, says NFL Network. Los Angeles is reportedly seeking "a lot" in exchange for the star tailback.

Oct. 27 - The Lions have received a lot of calls for CB Darius Slay, according to ESPN. Detriot, however, is still unsure of their ability this season and might not be ready to part ways. 

Oct. 27 - Recent history has strained the Redskins' relationship with CB Josh Norman. He is rare a name from Washington that the team is apparently willing to trade.

Oct. 27 - According to NFL Network, Seattle has taken calls for RB Rashaad Penny, who is just a little over a year removed from being selected in the first round by the Seahawks.

Oct. 27 - The Rams are looking into trade scenarios involving several of their veteran players, including CB Aqib Talib, according to ESPN. Los Angeles reportedly wants to free up cap space to make room for an extension for a player like CB Jalen Ramsey.

Oct. 27 - Despite receiving several offers for TE Austin Hooper, the Falcons maintain that they won't trade him even though he's in the final year of his contract, reports ESPN. But NFL Network says Atlanta is interested in dealing LB Vic Beasley, although his hefty salary could be a roadblock for potential suitors.

Oct. 24 - TRADE: Cowboys acquire DE Michael Bennett from the Patriots in exchange for a seventh-round draft pick.

Oct. 22 - TRADE: In the midst of an undefeated season, the 49ers traded for Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders to bolster their offense. Denver received a 2020 third-round and fourth-round pick. 

Oct. 22 - TRADE: Patriots acquire another WR in Mohamed Sanu due to the collapse of the Falcons. Atlanta received a 2020 second-round pick in return.

Oct. 16 - TRADE: Jaguars trade away disgruntled CB Jalen Ramsey to the Rams in exchange for a 2020 first-round pick, a 2021 first-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick. 

Oct. 16 - TRADE: Ravens acquire CB Marcus Peters from the Rams for LB Kenny Young and a 2020 fifth-round pick. 

Oct. 15 - Rumors from Cleveland say that Trent Williams is on the way to the Browns. NBC Sports Washington's sources dispute this claim and say a Williams deal is not imminent


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Once the Redskins Ironman, Ryan Kerrigan moved to injured reserve

Once the Redskins Ironman, Ryan Kerrigan moved to injured reserve

The Redskins moved outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan to the injured reserve after he injured his calf last week against Green Bay. He will miss the remainder of the season. 

Kerrigan had started every game for Washington since 2011 until just three weeks ago, one of the most impressive streaks in the NFL at 139 straight starts. 

He missed the Panthers game due to a concussion, was able to come back from the Packers game and then hurt his calf. 

After three straight seasons with double-digit sacks, Kerrigan’s numbers were down this year. He will finish the season with just 5.5 sacks after posting 37 over the last few years. 

Dexter Manley holds the Redskins franchise record with 91 sacks. After bringing down Aaron Rodgers last week in Green Bay before his injury, Kerrigan got to 90 sacks. 

If he comes back healthy in 2020, Kerrigan would look prime to break the franchise record. He will be in the last year of his contract, however, and will account for nearly $12 million against the salary cap.

Should Washington release Kerrigan, which was once unthinkable, it would carry no salary cap hit. 

To replace Kerrigan on the active roster the Redskins signed Caleb Wilson from the Cardinals practice squad.


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Dwayne Haskins has room to grow in a few areas, but this one might be the most crucial

Dwayne Haskins has room to grow in a few areas, but this one might be the most crucial

Dwayne Haskins is completing just 55-percent of his attempts as a pro quarterback so far, has thrown three touchdowns against seven interceptions and is averaging only 166 yards per start.

All of those numbers hint at how Haskins must grow as a passer in the NFL. However, those aspects are secondary to the area he needs to improve the most as he continues to see action for the Redskins.

The facet of his game that requires the most work is avoiding sacks. Yes, his accuracy and decision-making and choices in the red zone are all important, but none of those things will get better or reveal themselves if No. 7 is lying on his back and looking at the sky as much as he's doing so far.

The rookie has been dropped 22 times in his five appearances as starter, and 26 times overall. According to The Athletic, if you take the rate which Haskins is being sacked at as the team's primary signal caller and extrapolate it over a full schedule, it'd add up to the third-worst total in league history.  

So, yeah, that's extremely troublesome. 

On Wednesday, Haskins explained how his desire to be aggressive is partly causing this issue to be such an issue.

"Sometimes when I'm back there, I'm trying to find things deep or down the field instead of just finding the checkdown in the flat," he said.

As for how to remedy that, the 22-year-old told the media it's about being more aware of his immediate options.

"Just knowing where all my quick elements are when things happen fast and when things get on me," Haskins said.

Of course, each sack is its own entity, and not all of them fall on the guy with the ball. There have been instances this year where Haskins will go down and a replay will show an offensive lineman immediately getting beaten, the kind of sequence that will make any QB vulnerable. Not all of the negative plays are happening because of where Haskins is in his development.

However, to compare, Case Keenum was sacked just 12 times in his eight starts behind the same O-line. That's a significantly lower number.

Just like every other part of Haskins' skill set, this is something that should get sharper with experience. Every Sunday, assuming he gets a lot more, will lead to him becoming more adept at reading defenses, more proficient at adjusting protection calls and more prepared to find his outlet options.  

Keenum has seen all that there is to see in the NFL, while Haskins is just beginning that arduous process.

And, while Bill Callahan admitted he hates seeing the offense plagued by the sacks, the interim coach also detailed something beyond experience that could help Haskins limit them in the future.

"He's not a repetitive guy, a repetitive-mistake player, where you see continually the small mistakes over and over again," Callahan said. "He makes a mistake, he recognizes it, he moves on and you don't see a repetitive error come back into his game. There's been a lot of growth in that respect."