NBC Sports Washington wants Redskins fans to help decide the team's ideal 2019 first-round pick by voting in the Redskins Draft Bracket on Twitter. Before you vote, though, take in this breakdown of the next matchup.

Clelin Ferrell and Devin Bush are two defenders with vast skill sets coming from big-time programs who could star in the NFL.

If one or both is available for the Redskins at pick No. 15, though, the Redskins must decide if they could star in their defense.

Ferrell put together a very decorated career at Clemson. He won college football's Ted Hendricks award in 2018 as the nation's top defensive end and registered 21 sacks over the last two seasons. There's a lot to like about his pro potential.

However, Ferrell did all that as a 4-3 D-end and projects to be one of those in the NFL, too. Washington, meanwhile, uses a 3-4 alignment in their base defense.

Now, there is a caveat to this: The Burgundy and Gold line up in plenty of other different ways aside from their regular 3-4, depending on the look the offense is giving, down and distance, etc. They could find a role for someone as dangerous as Ferrell, but they do need to decide how well he'd do handling what would be a scheme switch to a certain extent.


The same can be said for Bush, Michigan's do-it-all linebacker.

Bush looks like he could become a very useful and speedy "Will" LB, someone who should be able to cover receivers and running backs all over the field. That's obviously someone the Redskins would love to add to their front-seven, but again, would he be at his best in the 3-4?

Reuben Foster and Shaun Dion Hamilton figure to be the long-term starters at inside linebacker for the 'Skins, but Foster's off-field concerns and Hamilton's limited range both leave something to be desired at those spots. Bush's addition would bolster the position, sure, but coaches must consider if he's big and strong enough to handle the run-stopping responsibilities the defense will place on him.

Doug Williams said last month how, when he's evaluating players, he cares far more about talent than scheme fit. If the organization follows that thought process, then Ferrell and Bush will be on their radar. And if one ends up in D.C., it'll be on the Redskins to then get the most out of him.

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