The NFL released its 2020 regular-season schedule, releasing a swarm of record predictions, speculation and outrage from fans thinking their team got gypped. 

Driving most of the reactions are deep-cut stats that most fans will forget about until their team turns in an underwhelming season. So as we lay out some of the most notable facts from the bunch, make sure to enjoy it now, but don't forget to come back later when you need some argument ammo.

Strength of schedule

Strength of schedule is always a tricky one because you never know exactly how strong a team's schedules before the season ends. Still, this is always a stat people get excited about. 

Strongest schedule: Patriots

For the first time in the Bill Belichick era, the Patriots have the strongest strength of schedule in the league entering a season and they'll have to navigate it without Tom Brady. It's hard to imagine anyone feeling bad for them, though. 

Weakest schedule: Ravens

The Ravens went 14-2 in 2019 and will have a good chance at repeating their success in 2020. Baltimore has an easy travel schedule (more on that later) and won't play anyone coming off a bye. 

Primetime games

Everyone wants to see their team play on the big stage. While some fanbases will experience that quite a bit in 2020, there are others who will have to settle for the 1:00 slot on Sundays exclusively. 

5 games: Ravens, Chiefs, Patriots, 49ers, Cowboys, Packers, Rams, Buccaneers
4 games: Saints, Bears, Bills, Seahawks, Raiders, Steelers, Eagles

3 games: Giants, Titans, Broncos
2 games: Cardinals, Chargers, Browns, Jets, Bengals, Falcons, Vikings
1 game: Texans, Dolphins, Colts, Panthers, Jaguars
0 games: Redskins, Lions


Bad news for Redskins and Lions fans hoping for some primetime love this season. The bright side is two of the last three teams to have this happen to them made the playoffs that year (2017 Jaguars, 2019 Bills).


Travel leaders

Traveling can take a toll on a team, especially when you have to go to a different time zone almost every time you have a road game. West coast teams usually get the short end of the stick here, and it turns out the Ravens are coming out great in this category too. 

1. Seahawks: 29,203 miles
2. Rams: 26,104
3. 49ers: 25,507

The Ravens will travel the least miles this season (6,310), won't have to leave the east-coast timezone after Week 2 or have to worry about boarding a plane for the first six weeks of the season. 

Miscellaneous roadblocks

*In the spirit of making west-coast teams travel a lot, the 49ers will play back-to-back road games at MetLife Stadium in Weeks 2 and 3. They have played road games against the Giants and Jets in the same season just once previously (1992).

*Tom Brady and his new Bucs team will begin their 2020 season against the Saints on the road. The Saints are favored to win by 6.5 points, which means this is the first time in 74 straight regular-season games where Brady's team is an underdog. 

*The defending Super Bowl champs will have an unfortunate road schedule in 2020. The Chiefs have four sets of back-to-back road games, making them the only team in the NFL who will have to deal with that challenge. You can't make it too easy on Patrick Mahomes, right?

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