Washington Football

Washington Football

As Dan Snyder and his advisors have huddled up to discuss whether to change the name of his Washington franchise over the past two weeks, D.C. sports fans have chimed in on social media making suggestions for what the new name should be.

Though there is a long list of ideas that have been tossed around, two names have emerged as the favorites among fans and former players: Redwolves and Warriors.

Of course, many of these suggestions came with fan art included. While we dove into the Warriors submissions over here, these are our five favorite Redwolves designs that have circulated around social media:

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Petition is in my bio if you guys want to sign it. Making the case for Washington #Redwolves, a name and story I have personally fallen in love with ; Here’s the military connection to Redwolves ; “The Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 “Red Wolves” was a helicopter squadron of the United States Navy Reserve. Along with the “Firehawks” of HSC-85, Red Wolves were only one of two squadrons in the US Navy dedicated to supporting Navy SEAL and SWCC Teams, and Combat Search & Rescue. Now let’s talk about the animal itself : The red wolf is the world's most endangered canid, and the Southeast’s native wolf. Uniquely "All-American," the red wolf's entire historical range is confined within what is now the United States. Once roaming as far west as Texas, down into Florida, and up into the Midwest, the red wolf now persists in only a fraction of its range. It has lost more of its historical territory—99.7 percent—than any other large carnivore, including lions and tigers. Redwolves were designated as an endangered species in 1967. Today, about 40 red wolves roam their native habitats in eastern North Carolina as a non-essential, experimental population and more than 200 red wolves are maintained in captive breeding facilities throughout America. I am very passionate towards the #Redwolves movement. Redwolves are an extremely endangered species and this could be just the thing to get them some national recognition and help grow their population back somehow. Washington could partner up somehow with a foundation that can give these wolves more habits to live in peace and stabilize their population. Even if this doesn’t become the name, I’ll be at peace knowing I spoke my mind. This is what I want the name to be. If you don’t like the Redwolves name, that’s okay. It’s okay to think differently. Don’t feel pressured into liking or not liking something, I just am making it known that this is how I feel. Photo credits go to : (@dcsportsxp @redskinsgraffix @koenvgraphics)

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