The Giants traded Odell Beckham Tuesday night, and with it, a major talent got moved out of the NFC East. That's good news for the Redskins.

Why? Plenty of reasons, but let's dig in to the five biggest.

1. Beckham has torched Washington. In six career games against the 'Skins, Beckham has 48 catches for 665 yards and five touchdowns, including one of the most memorable TD grabs ever in FedEx Field history.

2. Trading a player on a high dollar contract also brings plenty of salary cap problems. Even though he won't be playing for the Giants anymore, Beckham will count more than $16 million this season against the salary cap. So not only will New York not have the talented wideout on the field, but he will cost them opportunities at signing other players, too. 

3. Right or wrong, Beckham added an absurd amount of drama to the Redskins-Giants rivalry. Jay Gruden's team doesn't need the distraction of a dude like this twice a year. 

4. The Giants got a good haul back for Beckham, but even if they draft the right quarterback, he probably won't help New York win games this year. An extra first-round and third-round pick along with Jabril Peppers will help the G-Men on their road to a rebuild, but will that help more than Beckham? Elite talent is hard to get. It seems like the Giants are embracing a rebuild and the need for a new QB, and as Redskins fans know, finding a franchise passer isn't an easy task. 


5. In the last week, the Giants lost their best offensive player (Beckham) and their two best defensive players (Olivier Vernon and Landon Collins). Beckham and Vernon were moved via trade. Does any of this make sense? Not really. Maybe the Giants have a long-term approach taking shape, but the team still has Eli Manning at QB. It's good for the Redskins when the Giants are bad, and based on the last week, maybe that will continue. 

Bonus reason: The Giants have been one of the most stable franchises in the NFL for a long time. But their Beckham saga always seemed weird. Why sign him last year to a five-year, $90 million contract just to trade him a year later? It doesn't make sense, and hints towards a possible power struggle in the Big Apple. That hasn't been the norm for the Giants, but might be welcomed by 'Skins fans.