Throughout the Trent Williams debacle, there have been far more questions than answers. 

And with Williams reporting to the Redskins on Tuesday — an event that pretty much came out of nowhere — there are now even more things to wonder about.

So, let's lay out those questions. A ton of them. Right here. 50 of them, in fact. Some will be answered eventually, while some never will be. They're all worth asking, though.

1) What was the ultimate reason Trent decided to report?

2) Did he show up solely so this year would count on his contract?

3) If that's why, how will that impact his potential and eventual trade value, if at all?

4) Speaking of trades, the Redskins said they were trying to move the left tackle, but how seriously were they doing so?

5) Were they truly gauging interest around the league or were they just putting out that intel so they could say they looked into it, in an attempt to save some face while also "winning" their standoff with the star?

6) There's no way any decision maker with the Burgundy and Gold can think they won this whole thing, right?

7) Right?

8) RIGHT?!

9) Why did Washington wait so long before apparently becoming open to a Trent trade, if they were legitimately open?

10) Was it because they thought he'd cave thanks to the fines he'd face and money he'd lose?


11) Or was it because they thought he'd miss football so much that he'd simply forget all of his grievances?

12) Or was it because they thought they'd be able to win without him and force his hand?

13) What the hell was it like in Ashburn when Williams walked through those doors?

14) Who was the first person to see him after he walked through those doors?

15) What the hell did that person do?

16) Did Williams' keycard even work, or did he have to ask someone to help let him in, like you have to do when you forget your fob on the kitchen counter at home?

17) What kind of material is the Pro Bowler's kitchen counter? 

18) Granite?

19) Marble?

20) Did he let anyone there know he was coming, or did he just casually stroll in as if it was any other fall Tuesday?

21) Will he speak to the local media soon?

22) Will he speak to any media soon?

23) Was it hard for Williams to stay silent on this matter all this time, while rumors and comments and alerts constantly came out during his absence?

24) How many more times will he be at Redskins Park this year?

25) How many more times will he be at Redskins Park the rest of his career?

26) What are they going to do with all of the boxes at his locker? Because a lot of boxes have piled up at his locker.

27) Why didn't someone with the team simply put those boxes elsewhere, like, in a closet somewhere? It's not like he was occasionally popping by to pick them up. 

28) How do his teammates truly feel about this entire dilemma?

29) How does Brandon Scherff, a fellow lineman and a guy who'll possibly have a chance to renegotiate a contract with the Redskins in a few months, feel about it?

30) How does Ryan Kerrigan, a longtime member of the team like Williams, feel about it?

31) How does Landon Collins, a defender who just signed up to be a part of Washington for an extended period of time, feel about it? 

32) How do rookies like Dwayne Haskins and Terry McLaurin, young pros who were brought in by the organization not exactly by choice, feel about it?

33) What list will Williams land on next, if he doesn't intend to take the field like JP Finlay has heard? He was on the Exempt/Did Not Report List, but that'll have to change.

34) Why does it feel like the Redskins are always putting people on lists?

35) Is there any way possible the relationship between the 31-year-old and his employer can be fixed?

36) Is there any kind of contract extension or sweeteners that can be given to him in order to mend what's happened?


37) Is it foolish to even ask the previous two questions? Probably.

38) How did this franchise not learn anything from what they went through with Kirk Cousins?

39) If they get to the offseason, and Trent is still around, and no one is willing to offer the Redskins a first-rounder or a major, impactful piece, will they continue to hold on to him?

40) Or at some point, will they realize that an asset, any kind of asset, is better than a disgruntled tackle who will never put on his No. 71 again?

41) Are you still reading this story? Thank you, if so.

42) Should Trent get any blame in this, or does it all belong on the Redskins?

43) Could he have ever been convinced to return and suit up, or was this doomed the moment he felt his medical situation was mishandled?

44) What jersey will the bookend wear next?

45) Who will be the Redskins' next bookend on the left side?

46) 10 years from now, how will Redskins fans view Williams?

47) 10 years from now, will his decision to hold out be viewed as something that made his career a lot better?

48) Is the Redskins' culture still "damn good"?

49) There's no way, 12 months from now, the Redskins and Trent Williams are still tangled up, correct? 

50) Anyone want to go grab a drink?