Calling a Redskins season "weird" is like calling a flight delay "miserable." 

That's because all Redskins seasons are weird, just like all flight delays are miserable.

Therefore, there's no need to write a blog post telling you that the 2017 Redskins season was weird, because you knew it was already. But there is a need to write a blog post pointing out why this particular year was weird, because you may not be aware of the exact reasons.

With that in mind, try to wrap your head around these strange, crazy and true statements about the 2017 Washington Redskins.

1) Ryan Grant finished the season with 333 more receiving yards than Terrelle Pryor

This is where you say, "Well, wait a minute, didn't Pryor's season end after only nine games? So of course Grant finished with more yards than him!"

And this is when I say, "Yes, smart reader, you're right. But Grant still had 39 more yards than Pryor when Pryor went to injured reserve with a foot injury, so the lowly-regarded backup receiver was still outdoing the highly-regarded free agent signing when both were healthy."

And this is when you say, "Wow, OK. You got me there. Yep, that's crazy."

2) Will Compton finished the season with one more interception than Josh Norman

Compton had one, and Norman had zero. Sure, Norman has never been a guy who racks up interceptions by the bunches, but it's still shocking to see him topped by a reserve linebacker when it comes to picks.

3) The Redskins ended the year 1-5 vs. the NFC East and 4-0 vs. the NFC West

Of course Washington beat the Rams in L.A. and the Seahawks in Seattle but got manhandled by the 2-13 Giants and Zeke-less Cowboys. That makes total sense.


4) Kirk Cousins led the team in rushing touchdowns for the second time in the last three years

Cousins' four ground scores paced the 'Skins, a feat he accomplished in 2015, too. This is both kind of neat and also a very big indictment on the state of Washington's running game.

5) Among players with at least five catches on the season, Vernon Davis led the Redskins in yards per catch

(In a hushed tone): Vernon Davis is a tight end who turns 34 in a month.

(In a more hushed tone): How could you possibly think Kirk Cousins is not worth all of the dollars considering his most dangerous target was a tight end who turns 34 in a month?

6) Josh Harvey-Clemons had a half-sack more than Ryan Anderson did in 2017

The second-rounder out of Alabama went his entire rookie campaign without bringing a QB down.

7) The Redskins' scoring defense was actually worse under Greg Manusky than it was under Joe Barry 

Remember how much people disliked Barry? Well, his unit allowed 23.9 points per game in 2016, while Manusky's gave up 24.3 a week in his first year at the helm.

8) Zach Brown finished in the league's top-10 for total tackles despite missing three games

A linebacker shouldn't be allowed to be as fast as Brown, who absolutely provided a good return on the one-year deal the Redskins gave him last offseason.