Training camps are full of out-of-nowhere developments, like that random undrafted kid with the name that's hard to spell and ugly jersey number who somehow emerges as a roster threat.

However, plenty of predictable stuff also goes down at camps, no matter the year or the organization. So, with that in mind, lock in these nine things happening in Richmond during this particular phase of Washington's campaign.

1) The QB battle will be decided 172 different times.

The first practice begins Thursday at 9:45 a.m., and fans will have chosen their starter based off tweets from the sidelines by approximately 9:58 a.m. They will then flip flop 171 more times between the opening session and the day Jay Gruden makes his decision. Tracking Case Keenum vs. Dwayne Haskins vs. Colt McCoy will be equal parts thrilling and exhausting.

2) Jonathan Allen will say something cool.

And whatever is is, it'll need a bleep to be safe for TV and this here website.

3) JUGS Machine videos will be everywhere.

You'll see them on Twitter. You'll see them on Instagram. You'll see them in your dreams. 

It'll eventually get to the point where you'll hear the whir of a JUGS machine in your head while you're sitting down and eating dinner with your family. "Hey, can someone hand me the — *whirrrrrr* — OK WHERE'S THE BALL COMING FROM?"

Pass catchers love working on their hands at camp, and media people love filming pass catchers who love working on their hands at camp. It's a cycle that fuels itself. Get ready.

4) Some sort of fight(s) will break out.

The Redskins won't be hosting the Jets or any other team this time around, so you won't witness any cross-squad melees like you did last year. With that being said, some fringe defensive lineman will take issue with something a blocker did to him, then he'll shove the blocker, then the blocker will shove him, then he'll shove the blocker harder, then the blocker will punch him, then those two will take each other to the ground and need to be separated. Big dudes in hot weather tend to get grumpy, after all.


5) The Redskins Talk podcast will give you new content constantly.

2018 training camp was an enormous stretch for the Redskins Talk pod, with daily episodes being released and listeners getting SUPER mad if one was three minutes later than normal. Well, prepare for a repeat of that, as you'll get fresh practice recaps, analysis on players and a dash of shtick for the next two and a half weeks straight.

6) Montez Sweat will be called a "freak."

Many, many people will say it, too. 

7) Jimmy Moreland will pick off a bunch of passes.

The seventh-round rookie was a ballhawk in school and during Washington's early offseason work he racked up quite a few interceptions. Look for him to do the same in 1-on-1s and team drills in Richmond. He'll probably find a way to snag one while waiting in line at the cafeteria and another as he's walking to his car in the parking lot. He might even intercept this post before it gets to you. 

8) No one will agree on if the team is hitting enough.

Is Kirk Cousins a quality quarterback? Are people who wear AirPods cool or the worst? Should you tip when you pick up a carryout order?

These are all very difficult things to get people to unite on, yet they pale in comparison to trying to bring fans together on whether Gruden puts his players through enough physical contact in July and August. One thing's for sure: Unless the Burgundy and Gold go 16-0, a lot of people will complain about the approach he takes, no matter what that approach proves to be.

9) It will be really hot.

If you look at the Richmond 10-day forecast, it looks like a list of the Redskins' receivers and pass rushers — a lot of high-80s and low-90s. If you plan on attending, bring a sunscreen for every limb. If you're not, hug your air conditioner and tell it you love it.