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Addressing those who are ready to abandon the 2019 Redskins after one week

Addressing those who are ready to abandon the 2019 Redskins after one week

The 2019 Redskins have played one regular season game. They lost that one regular season game. So, it's time to totally judge them based off of that one game and proclaim that the next 15 are going to be a fiery disaster, right?

That's wrong, of course. But, because the NFL is a 16-chapter book, because those chapters are divided by six long days in between and because Washington's first chapter this year looked so much like so many of the disappointing ones that made up last year, it's hard not to get worked up over their outlook.

In fact, this very website posted a video titled, "It's only Week 2 and the Redskins are already in disarray." People are losing their minds — in early September.

Try not to.

This is yet another instance of overreacting to a tough season-opening result. Every team's first contest comes after months of free agency, the draft, training camp and plenty of hope. If things go well, then everything the organization did over the offseason was worth it, and if not, it's tempting to abandon it all.

Let's look back to 2018 for a second.

One week into that schedule, Sam Darnold and the Jets were impossible to stop, the Cowboys were broken and the Burgundy and Gold dominated the Cardinals. Of course, once the sample size grew, everyone learned that Darnold and the Jets were in fact not impossible to stop, the Cowboys were in fact not broken and the Burgundy and Gold were in fact not dominant.  

Now, that isn't to say everything you see in Week 1 is a lie and will immediately be reversed in the coming matchups. Sometimes, Week 1 is the start of a trend. In 2018, for example, the Chiefs and Rams started scorching hot, while the Patriots beat the talented Texans. As it turned out, the Chiefs, Rams and Patriots all turned out to be really good. 

On top of that, there are a few additional circumstances adding to the emotions and pressure surrounding the Redskins. The team's best player still has yet to show up and Derrius Guice, who was supposed to be one of their other best players, is hurt. On top of that, there's some consternation about how Adrian Peterson is being treated.

But still, it's necessary to remember that, unless you're one of the perennial contenders like New England, New Orleans or Kansas City, moods and expectations often change game-to-game. It's also necessary to remember that, thanks to how the offseason is built and how the preseason is being treated, most of Washington's starters got their first extended action in Philadelphia.

Maybe by the end of December, that Eagles loss will have proven to be a harbinger of another sub-.500 finish. Maybe the defense isn't as strong as it was supposed to be, and maybe Jay Gruden should be let go.

Yet it feels far too premature to accept those things as truth, at least right now. Sunday's loss paired with the other drama and off-field problems make it difficult to stay steady, but there are 15 more chapters left. Let's turn a few more pages before throwing the book away. 


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Dwayne Haskins named the Redskins starting QB for the rest of the 2019 season

Dwayne Haskins named the Redskins starting QB for the rest of the 2019 season

Dwayne Haskins will be the Redskins' starting quarterback the rest of the 2019 season, head coach Bill Callahan announced on Monday.

The news came one week after Haskins’ first career start in Buffalo. The 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Haskins played decent against the Bills, avoiding any major mistakes and mostly operating the vanilla game plan. 

In the minutes after the 24-9 loss to the Bills, Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan hesitated to name Haskins the starter. The coach said he needed to review the game film and check on the health of former starter Case Keenum. Callahan continued his privacy around the quarterback decision throughout the team’s Week 10 bye before making the announcement.

On Monday, Callahan committed to Haskins, and frankly, it makes sense.

At 1-8, the Redskins season is shot and the team should focus on developing their young passer for the 2020 season and beyond. 

The Jets come in at 2-8, and while they’re coming off a win over the Giants, this game marks a real opportunity for a Washington win. His start Sunday vs. the Jets will be his first-ever start at FedExField in front of a home Redskins crowd.

Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones threw for more than 300 yards and four touchdowns against the Jets in Week 10, and that should be a real reason for optimism with Haskins and the Redskins. 

Additionally, running back Derrius Guice should be back on the field for Washington when the Jets come to town. 


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Bye week and Dolphins surge helps Redskins move up in 2020 draft order

Bye week and Dolphins surge helps Redskins move up in 2020 draft order

It ends up that not playing might be the best move the Redskins could make this season. On Sunday, while Washington rested for their bye week, the Dolphins won their second game in a row and the Jets beat the Giants. 

That leaves the Redskins with the second-worst record in the NFL at 1-8; the lone one-win team in the league. At 0-9, only the Bengals are worse.

While very little of this is good news, there is a silver lining: Washington is now in line for the second overall draft pick. If the season ended today, the draft order would be as follows:

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (0-9)
  2. Washington Redskins (1-8)
  3. New York Giants (2-8)
  4. Miami Dolphins (2-7)
  5. New York Jets (2-7)
  6. Atlanta Falcons (2-7)
  7. Cleveland Browns (3-6)
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)
  9. Denver Broncos (3-6)
  10. Arizona Cardinals  (3-6-1)

Plenty can still change as the Redskins have seven games remaining and will face the New York Jets on Sunday. It will be the first time this season the Redskins are favored at home, though that line could shift by the weekend. The Jets dropped 34 points on the Giants in Week 10 and second-year QB Sam Darnold impressed. The Redskins haven't scored a touchdown since October 13th. 

Looking ahead to the 2020 Draft might be the focus for many Redskins fans, but this Sunday could show its own glimpse of the future. Dwayne Haskins and Derrius Guice should be on the field together, and along with Terry McLaurin, that could be the beginning of a young talented offensive trio. 

Still, the second overall pick in the draft should hold tremendous value, either with the pick or via trade.