As the Trent Williams holdout stretches into the middle of September, people are looking for any and every kind of sign that could mean Williams is nearing a return to the Redskins.

One of the more recent theories is that, with Derrius Guice potentially slated to miss a few games and Adrian Peterson potentially being reinserted into the starting lineup, Williams will feel the need to come back and block for his close friend.

You shouldn't buy into Peterson's increase in playing time affecting Williams' status, though — and that's coming straight from Peterson. 

"I don't think that's going to impact Trent Williams' decision to come back or not. Am I right?" JP Finlay asked the running back in an exclusive Redskins Talk podcast interview.

"Yeah, you're absolutely right," Peterson answered.

"I believe Trent's decision is on his own terms," Finlay said.

"He's a man," Peterson explained. "He makes his decisions, and me being back at starting running back or whatever is not going to affect the way that he feels."

Well, consider that one shot down. Anyone got any other ideas?

Unfortunately, it sure sounds like the left tackle's issues with the Redskins are much, much bigger than whether No. 26 is lining up in the backfield. Whether he wants more financial security or doesn't trust Washington because of how they handled him medically last season, those aren't going away simply because Peterson is due a few more carries.


In fact, Peterson has hung out with Williams recently, and while it's clear Williams is where he needs to be physically, it's far less clear when he'll be putting that physicality to work on an NFL field. Listening to Peterson, this holdout may still be far from its conclusion.

"Yeah, like I said he was here last week," Peterson told Redskins Talk. "I went over to see him a couple of days and he's in good spirits. He looks good, he looks like he's ready to play some football but, you know, don't know if that'll be happening."

"Anytime soon, or this year?" Finlay asked.

"I don't know," Peterson said.