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Adrian Peterson is fifth in rushing and, oh yeah, he finally feels fully healthy now


Adrian Peterson is fifth in rushing and, oh yeah, he finally feels fully healthy now

The version of Adrian Peterson the Redskins have been getting this year — the one who currently sits as the NFL's fifth-leading rusher and the one who has been the team's only consistent offensive threat — hasn't even been the fully in-shape version, according to Peterson.

If you take him at his word, that's a pretty frightening thought for non-Redskins defenses to ponder.

After practice on Wednesday, the 33-year-old was asked about how he's feeling after dealing with ankle and shoulder problems earlier in the season. Those problems are apparently now all behind him.

"Last week, I actually started feeling all the way healthy," he said in the 'Skins locker room. "My shoulder, I'm back to bench pressing. I hadn't done that in three weeks. And so I'm back to doing the normal things that I was able to do. My ankle's feeling good, my body's just feeling refreshed."

Oh, so the guy who's been averaging nearly 75 yards per game on about 17 carries per game and the guy who's scored four total touchdowns through nine contests is only just now back to normal?


"Second half has been a blessing to me, you know?" he said. "It was a grind the first eight weeks, and here now, as I stand in front of you, my body's feeling amazing."

Must be nice to be one of the sport's best players of this generation, huh?


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Perception not meeting reality in free agency conversation around Landon Collins

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Perception not meeting reality in free agency conversation around Landon Collins

Redskins fans can be an excitable bunch, particularly when it comes to safeties that mold their style of play after the late Sean Taylor. 

After releasing DJ Swearinger prior to Week 17 last season, Washington has a hole at the safety position. That, combined with recent news of Giants standout Landon Collins cleaning out his locker and possibly preparing to leave the organization, could mean an elite safety prospect hits the open market. 

Add it all up, and some 'Skins fans are drooling over the possibility of Collins joining the Redskins. 

Now is the time for a dose of reality. 

New York still controls Collins' contract situation. The Giants have about two weeks to decide if they're going to use the franchise tag on Collins, guaranteeing a $12 million salary for the 2019 season. 

Word is Collins doesn't want to be tagged, and might even skip offseason workouts if the Giants go that route. Skipping the offseason and skipping the regular season are very different. The other thing that could happen, however, is that the tag allows the two sides the time to negotiate a long-term deal to keep Collins in New York. 

Beyond the franchise tag, hurdles still remain before Collins could join the Redskins. 

The biggest hurdle? Cash. 

Washington has about $17 million in salary cap space available. The team will need around $9 million just to sign all of their selections in April's NFL Draft.

The 'Skins could make room for Collins, but that would mean shedding salary. Players like Zach Brown and Stacy McGee could be cap casualties, and there could be some cap relief if the organization can get a long-term extension done with Brandon Scherff. 

Still, Collins is a three-time Pro Bowler that also has an All Pro season on his resume. He's the top-rated safety looking at free agency.

He's going to cost a lot. 

Even if Washington opens up some cap space, maybe doubling their available room, the margins are still fairly small. 

The Colts have more than $107 million in cap space. The Jets have $102 million in space. There are eight other teams with at least $50 million in cap space.

If Washington can double their cap space, that would still be less than $35 million. 

The Redskins have a need at safety. Landon Collins might hit the open market. 

Those are facts. 

The Redskins signing Landon Collins in free agency sounds more like fan fiction. 

Never say never, but temper that excitement Redskins fans.  


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The Steelers won't tag Le'Veon Bell, meaning the RB will soon be an unrestricted free agent

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The Steelers won't tag Le'Veon Bell, meaning the RB will soon be an unrestricted free agent

Most NFL teams spend years searching for All-Pro offensive weapons. But in the past few days, the Steelers have indicated they're about to move on from two such players.

On Tuesday, Antonio Brown met with team management, and the franchise reportedly decided trading Brown was in their best interest.

Then, on Wednesday, Pittsburgh's GM said there would be no more tags applied to Le'Veon Bell, meaning he'll be an unrestricted free agent this March. 

There had been speculation the Steelers may continue their messy relationship with the running back by placing the transition tag on him. In the end, though, he'll get what he's wanted for quite some time now, albeit later than he wanted it: a chance for a big new contract on the open market.

Now, for all the Redskins fans reading this (hopefully of which there are many, because that'll make my bosses happy), the obvious, yet longshot, question is: Any chance Bell comes to Washington?

The answer, as with any high-priced free agent these days, is almost definitely not. The Redskins don't have money to burn like they routinely did a decade ago, and Bell's going to be craving lots of cash.

Furthermore, if the 'Skins are going to sign a running back, they're much more likely to bring back that Hall of Famer who went over 1,000 yards in 2018 despite arriving in August. Adrian Peterson's yearly salary should be about a third of what Bell's will be, the deal will be shorter and everyone on the Burgundy and Gold would welcome additional time with that particular No. 26.

Bell's going to make someone's offense a lot scarier in 2019. Just don't expect it to be Jay Gruden's.