It's no secret that Adrian Peterson and Trent Williams are close. The two work out together in the offseason in Houston, and last year, Williams was a vocal champion for the Redskins bringing in Peterson, both publicly and privately. 

Earlier this offseason, as the news of Williams' holdout spread, Peterson calmed many Redskins fans when he explained that he hadn't heard the left tackle would not return to the Redskins. After all, Peterson and Williams are close, so the running back would know the plans for his friend and offensive linemen. Right?

Well, after not speaking with the media during training camp due to an ongoing financial situation tied up in courts, on Tuesday Peterson spoke with ESPN's Josina Anderson about the Williams situation. For Redskins fans, it doesn't sound great. Below are the quotes via Anderson's Twitter feed:

Since Day 1 of camp you notice his absence is impacting us tremendously. You go from not having to worry about the blind-side at all, to having to chip on that side, add a TE there which changes what you do. I think it's making Dwayne Haskins have to think more, not process things as calmly. Matter of fact, I think it's impacting all of our QBs. Guys r coming off the edge in prax right there on the QB & the RB. It's been a struggle.

Observers of Redskins training camp practices in Richmond would agree with Peterson's assessment of the team's offense without Williams. Especially early on, before Geron Christian rejoined the team after an injury and before the team signed veteran left tackle Donald Penn, the offensive line looked awful without Williams. With Penn on the field, things look better, but nothing close to what things look like with Williams on the field. The offense still doesn't look good. 


Arguably the most important nugget from Anderson's chat with Peterson was a simple one-word answer. Multiple reports show that Williams has locked in his position and will not return to Washington, even if that means missing regular season games and the payday that comes with it.