Adrian Peterson's Thursday session with reporters started off normally, with the running back forecasting what he thinks his role will be early this year and giving his opinion on how Derrius Guice has looked.

Then, it took a turn, when someone wondered if Peterson had been in contact with Trent Williams, the Washington left tackle who's still holding out and who is a close friend of Peterson's.

"I actually was talking to Trent last night, in person," he said, quite casually. "I talked to him."

Wait, Williams is, like, around?

"Yeah, he's here," Peterson elaborated. "He had to come back to take care of some things. I don't know how long he's going to be in town. I don't know all that. It was just good for me to be able to catch up with him and see him because I hadn't seen him in a long time."

Now, it's important not to totally overreact to this. As JP Finlay pointed out on Twitter, Williams' kids could go to school in the area, for example, and this is when school is starting. Maybe he's "taking care" of something more mundane like that, as opposed to planning his return.

However, when you couple this with DeAngelo Hall recently saying that Williams' dispute with the Redskins could end "soon rather than later," then maybe there is some hope building in regards to the team getting one of its best players back and ending this messy situation.

Peterson, though, didn't want to share much of what he and Williams discussed, a conversation that apparently didn't involve much football.


"That's not what we kind of talked about," Peterson said. "We just kind of caught up, see how he was doing, how things have been going for him."

He did mention that Williams seems to be in a solid mental place as well as in his usual top shape. 

"He's doing good. He's doing really good," Peterson said. "He's always going to take care of his body. This type of situation, you're going to make sure you're healthy and ready to roll at any point."

Ultimately, different people are going to take this tidbit different ways. Still, whatever the reason for Williams re-appearing in the area, it's better having him here than far away from Redskins headquarters. Could the next person he chats with be someone in the front office?