Adrian Peterson is a Washington Redskin, and he proved himself as such in his impressive debut during the Redskins' Week 3 preseason loss to the Denver Broncos.

As a veteran, Peterson has entertained his fair share of nicknames, most notably his initials, "AP" and "AD," which is short for "all day."

Off to the sidelines, fellow teammates have tossed around "AP," "AD" or a combination of the two: "AP AD!"

Following the Redskins' loss to the Broncos, our Redskins Postgame Live team caught up with Peterson and NBC Sports Washington's very own Julie Donaldson helped to settle the debate on the "AP" or "AD" nickname:

Julie: "There's a lot of discrepancy on AD people wanting to stick with that, AP, what we're calling you now. What should we call you on this show?"

Adrian: "I'm 50-50. So whatever your preference is, I'm okay with it."

So, there you have it. Adrian Peterson is a fan of both "AP" and "AD" and doesn't care what you call him.