The slow weeks of late June and early July may prove to be boring for football fans, but for the players, the quiet stretch before the NFL season ramps up provides them with one last chance to relax or focus on things larger than a practice or a gameplan.

Redskins running back Adrian Peterson seems to be making the most of his days before training camp, as the veteran recently completed a trip to Asia that focused on promoting the sport that has meant so much to him.

Traveling with Red Phoenix Entertainment, an agency based out of Houston that "bridges American athletes, sport organizations and entertainers with global companies in order to expand sponsorships, branding and market presence," according to a press release by the company, Peterson was in Asia from June 21-29 while moving through Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. 

During his time there, Peterson hosted a few football camps including one with members of Japan's top football league, the X-League. The running back also hosted a workout at one of the most iconic landmarks in all of the world as he did some sprints at the Great Wall of China. Even on vacation, Peterson still finds some time to get some work in.

A majority of his trip consisted of "interacting with global fans, promoting American football, meeting with government officials and immersing in local cultures," according to the press release. 

The NFL has already made strides to grow football on an international level, hosting games in places such as London and Mexico City. Now, Peterson believes that Asia would be a great place to go as well.


“The fans were extremely welcoming,” Peterson said. “Their enthusiasm for football and sports in general made it clear that Japan and China would provide incredible environments to play an NFL game.”