Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome ankle injury in the third quarter against the Houston Texans, and one former Redskins quarterback knows exactly how he feels.

Joe Theismann, who had a career-ending leg injury as a result from a hit by New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor, immediately sent his condolences.

Smith's injury comes on the EXACT same date, November 18, that Theismann suffered his brutal leg injury 33 years ago.

Theismann never played another snap in his career.

November 18 is unfortunately and coincidentally an unlucky day to be a Redskins quarterback, to say the least.

Smith was carted off, and it will be a while before he sees the field again.

Oh, and if this wasn't coincidental enough already, the Redskins fell to the Texans 23-21 on Sunday, the exact same score when the Redskins defeated the Giants in the game Theismann got hurt in. We can't make this stuff up.