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Is Alex Smith a Super Bowl quarterback whisperer?

Is Alex Smith a Super Bowl quarterback whisperer?

Could playing behind Alex Smith mean you’re Super Bowl bound? Well, history would suggest for those that do, it’s as good of a guarantee as you can get.  

It’s well documented that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reaped the benefits of sitting and learning from Smith during his rookie year.   

“It gave me a blueprint, and it was something that helped me out a lot early in my career,” Mahomes said in his Super Bowl presser this week in Miami.  “Just knowing what film I need to watch on what day and how to go out there and practice the right way.”  

But the tutelage goes way beyond reading defenses. Chiefs coach Andy Reid says Mahomes learned how to be a pro by watching Smith.   

“How to study, diet, his workout regimen, and how to get family acclimated into the NFL,” Reid said, even joking that "Pat couldn’t pay Alex enough for what he taught him."  

Mahomes was quick to agree. 

“It was the stuff that takes your whole career to learn, and [Smith] taught me that in my first year and it’s helped me have success at such an early age,” Mahomes said.  

The young quarterback was a good student and it’s paid off as he leads the Chiefs to what would be their first Super Bowl win in 50 years and Reid’s first after 211 career wins.  

But if you go even further back in Smith's career, you’ll find sending his back-up quarterback to the championship game is old hat.  Take his time in San Francisco. Smith was the established starter and the 49ers drafted Colin Kaepernick, who didn’t play until his second season when he took over for an injured Smith in Week 10.  Kaepernick famously led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, eventually losing to the Ravens.  

Smith then headed to Kansas City where the Chiefs drafted Mahomes. He sat for a year before the team traded Smith to the Redskins. Mahomes was a play away from the Super Bowl in his first year under center and is now on the big stage in just his third season.  

And don’t forget about Nick Foles.  He spent 2016 sitting behind Smith in Kansas City before Philadelphia signed him in free agency that offseason. The Eagles went on to win it all the following year with Foles named Super Bowl MVP.  

None of this is to say if you spend time in the quarterback room with Alex Smith you are destined for the Super Bowl, but maybe he is somewhat of a “quarterback whisperer”?  And perhaps that means Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. is next in line.  Haskins is all ears when it comes to Smith saying that he’s “a really great voice” to have and is thankful for the help from someone he can relate to.   

At the end of the season, Smith was asked what he can offer Haskins despite not being on the playing field because of his own injury.  

“It’s not always about the X’s and O’s, but a lot of the extra stuff, dialing in his work week, how he’s preparing himself,” Smith said.    

And while Smith made it clear he has every intention of coming back to play once again, he was also open about how that relates to his relationship with Haskins. 

“That doesn’t mean I can’t be a good teammate.  Those things aren’t exclusive from one another,” Smith said.   

And perhaps the best advice?  He wants Haskins to lead his own way.  

“It’s not like there’s one way,” Smith said. “You’ve got to find what works for you.”  

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These well-known Redskins fans would be very interesting minority stakeholders

These well-known Redskins fans would be very interesting minority stakeholders

The Redskins' three minority owners, who reportedly make up about 40-percent of the team's ownership group, are actively trying to sell their stakes in the club.

Now, if those three do in fact move on — which may prove difficult — there are plenty of well-known Washington fans who could prove to be interesting replacements, even if they purchase just a small slice of what the trio is looking to pass on. 

Check out the list below for a handful of the more eye-catching names that would absolutely draw headlines. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

One of NASCAR's most popular drivers of all time is now working as an analyst for NBC. He's been a fan since he was nine years old and has a positive relationship with Dan Snyder. Plus, he's already used to pressure-packed Sundays.

Matthew McConaughey

Here's another mega-celebrity and lifelong fan of the Burgundy and Gold who's also a personal friend of Snyder's. Perhaps he'd like to add some football hardware to his already crowded trophy case.

Kevin Durant

Durant is one of the best ballers in the world, and with how enormous NBA contracts are as well as all the endorsements he's picked up along the way, you have to figure he has some spare cash to put toward the Redskins if he wanted to.

Plus, becoming a part owner of an NFL team would be something he could hold over his enemies like Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins.



The famous rapper just hosted some of the Redskins' virtual programming during the 2020 Draft, and he's tight with QB Dwayne Haskins. He could be next in the long line of artists/musicians who've dabbled in sports ownership.

Taraji P. Henson

The Hidden Figures and Empire actress' father once worked as a janitor for Washington, and she's been a supporter of the squad for quite a while. Buying into them could be a nice thing to add to her real-life empire.

Joe Gibbs

Gibbs isn't exactly a current pop culture icon like any of the names above, but he is a DC icon and it'd be foolish to exclude him from a list like this. Snyder has understandably revered Gibbs for essentially his whole life and confided in him often in the past.

If Gibbs wanted to become involved with the Redskins again, you have to believe Snyder would be thrilled.  

Alexis Ohanian

Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit and sold it back in 2006, has been devoted to the Redskins since the late '80s. He's attended plenty of contests in his fan career. So, why not make the transition from the stadium seats to the owner's box?

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Reports: Redskins' three minority owners attempting to sell their stakes in the franchise

Reports: Redskins' three minority owners attempting to sell their stakes in the franchise

The three minority owners of the Washington Redskins -- Frederick Smith, Robert Rothman, and Dwight Schar -- are trying to sell their stake in the team, according to a report from the Washington Post on Sunday night. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio first reported Sunday afternoon that Smith and Schar wanted to sell.

The three men have reportedly hired a banking firm to help the search for potential buyers, but according to Florio they have not had much luck. The trio is "not happy being a partner" to Redskins majority owner Dan Snyder, according to the Post.

Smith, Rothman and Schar are Washington's lone minority partners and make up about 40-percent of the franchise's ownership group, according to the Post. The three minority owners are the only members of Washington's ownership group outside of Snyder, along with his sister and his mother.

Smith is the CEO and founder of FedEx, one of Washington's largest corporate sponsors. FedEx currently holds the naming rights to Washington's home stadium, FedEx Field, through 2025. The stadium lease expires in 2027.  

This past Thursday, FedEx became one of the first major corporate sponsors of the Redskins to publicly place pressure on the franchise to change its name. Other companies such as Nike, which removed all Redskins' products from its website, along with Bank of America and PepsiCo followed shortly after.

In response, the Redskins released a statement on Friday that the team is undergoing a "thorough review" of the team's name. All signs point toward an inevitable change. New head coach Ron Rivera has said that he hopes the name is changed prior to the 2020 season, which begins in September.


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