For the 15th time in the past 20 seasons, Redskins fans will be watching the NFL playoffs unfold without their team participating in the fun.

That means it's time for what's basically become a depressing, annual tradition in the DMV: 'Skins fans adopting another team to root for in the postseason. 

Picking a franchise in the AFC is always a safe call if you want to go that route (pulling for the Ravens, for instance, would be an interesting move, because it'd mean a former Washington QB drafted in 2012 and now playing for a purple team would be a Super Bowl champ — and it wouldn't be the one anyone expected).

If you decide to jump on an NFC bandwagon, though, that's a bit trickier, considering the Burgundy and Gold has a lot of history with some of the teams vying for the Lombardi Trophy.

So, who's acceptable to adopt and who isn't? Here's a ranking of the six options from best to NOPE.

 1) New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara is the smoothest and coolest player to watch in the NFL. Drew Brees has the skill of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers without the somewhat off-putting personalities. Saints fans produce the best atmosphere in pro football.

They're a complete team and play a brand of football that'll be refreshing for Redskins supporters who just spent four months watching ugly wins. Be a New Orleans fan for the next few weeks. Go on. It's OK. Enjoy yourself.

2) Los Angeles Rams

Most NFL head coaches are grouchy, stuck in their own ways and look like they smell bad. Sean McVay is none of those things, plus he obviously has ties to the Redskins.


Todd Gurley is almost as smooth and cool as Alvin Kamara, meanwhile, and when the Rams offense was at their peak earlier in the year, they were must-see TV and won arguably the best regular season contest ever.

If you're still mad about what the Saints did to the Redskins on Monday night in Week 5, LA can be your fallback squad.

3) Chicago Bears

If you're a defense-first kind of football fan, get behind this organization. Most of the NFL is stocking their garages with Corvettes and Lamborghinis, while the Bears just want another flatbed truck that can haul lots of bricks.

Can Khalil Mack and Co. win with their zigging while everyone else is zagging? They're going to try, and if you want to find out with them, go right ahead.

4) Seattle Seahawks

We've now reached the portion of the rankings where it gets a bit dicey, because the other three NFC contenders are all rivals of Washington.

Seattle makes it over the other two, of course, because they're from the NFC West and because it can be riveting to watch Russell Wilson run around for 11 seconds, dodge three sacks and find Tyler Lockett downfield for a 47-yard gain.

Be part of the 12th Man on Wild Card Weekend, then drop the Seahawks for someone else.

5) Dallas Cowboys 

Why Dallas over Philly?

Well, Eagles fans were insufferable after they won the whole thing last go round. Going through that again would be miserable.

Plus, a good chunk of Cowboys fans won't bask in the glory of a Super Bowl (if they get there) because they'll quickly be moving on to Duke basketball or the Warriors or the Yankees. You'll just have to ride out the first few days and then they'll be over it.

6) Philadelphia Eagles

There's no way Nick Foles can do this again, right? Right...?