Washington Football

Washington Football

If the Redskins opt to change their name, what will happen to the Burgundy and Gold?

That's a question that's on the minds of fans around the world who care about the team.

Some believe it'd be best for Washington to keep the colors, even in the event of a name change. Others, though, are fine moving on from them as well.

Below, you'll find the arguments for both sides. Which one are you on?

Keep them: Some tradition must stay

This seems to be the principle stance that those in favor of maintaining the Burgundy and Gold take: If you're going to drop the name we've come to know our whole lives, please preserve this other hallmark of the franchise. 

If Dan Snyder and the other decision makers go away from colors, the diehard section of supporters that is already having a hard enough time dealing with the prospect of losing the Redskins may just give up entirely.

This crew may want to stay, but they can only take so much change. So why change more than necessary?


Move on: It's time for a total reboot

This group will hear that case and counter with: Why not take this opportunity to completely start over? 

It's hard not to acknowledge the new vibe around the team, thanks in large part to Bruce Allen's departure, Ron Rivera and Chase Young's arrivals and Dwayne Haskins taking over at QB. It's also hard not to acknowledge just how awful the Redskins have been for decades now. 


Now is the one chance for Washington to truly begin anew. It's a chance they won't get again. Maybe they need to take it.


Keep them: A total reboot will make it harder to remember the history

This side will have to admit the 2000s have been miserable, yet they'll also quickly assert just how strong the organization once was.

Those memories are distant, yes, but they're still legit and they're all the Redskins and their fans can really point to these days. If the Burgundy and Gold goes along with the name, though, those successes will become even more faded.

Those that were fortunate enough to witness those highs will feel insulted, and those who didn't will have an even more difficult time connecting with them — if they're able to at all. Does Snyder want to take that risk?

Move on: Join the rest of the city

The Capitals, Nationals, Mystics and Wizards all rock red, white and blue. That's a scheme that makes sense for Washington squads, and it's a scheme that could be worth donning for the Redskins under their next moniker.

For quite some time, DC was a place for last place finishes and then for playoff heartbreak. Nowadays, however, the Caps, Nats and Mystics have all captured titles and are leading a sports revival in the district. And thanks to their similar uniforms, they've all looked united in doing so.

The Redskins are the lone holdouts, of course — but they won't have to be anymore if they do in fact change their name.