Entering the 2019 season, guard Brandon Scherff is in the last year of his rookie contract. With no extension done yet, his future after this year is still up in the air. 

While offering him an extension is probably the right decision for the Redskins, offseason reports stated that two sides are far off in the negotiation process. As training camp kicks off, the integral part of Washington's offensive line gave an update on how things are moving along. But in Scherff-type nature, it was of few words.

"It's coming along," Scherff told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay.

The reasoning for the vague information isn't just because Scherff is a man of few words to media, but due to the fact that his priorities currently lie elsewhere. Though the off-the-field situation will continue to carry on, his focus has shifted to his on-the-field work with football back in full swing. 

The future is important to him, but 2019 is all that is on his mind currently.

"I don't have a deadline. I'm here for one more year and that's all I can control right now," Scherff said about the status of his negotiations. "I got an agent for a reason. He just says throw everything toward me and just worry about playing football."

Playing football is something Scherff has been chomping at the bit to get back to. After his 2018 season was shortened to just eight games following a torn pectoral injury in Week 9, having to sit at home and watch his team for the remainder of the campaign was frustrating.


But now he's back, healthy, and excited to be doing the only thing he's ever wanted to do.

"It's a dream come true to be out here with pads again," Scherff said. "I've lived this dream since I was a kid and it's kind of cool just to see it become a reality again."

A new season also gives Scherff the opportunity to block for some new guys. The Redskins quarterback competition is still a long way away from a winner, but Scherff won't be pushing for a specific decision. 

No matter who ends up under center, he'll do his best to make sure no opposing defenses get to him.

"We got three really good quarterbacks behind us and we're just trying to block for whoever they put behind us," Scherff said. "That's the goal here and we're all trying to win as a team."

Besides getting back to football, Scherff also has another role he's excited to focus on: being a dad. With a son who will turn two years old in September, having him join in on the training camp experience has been fun. Especially because being away at work has shown him just how much love his son has for him.

"Amazing, he just got down to camp yesterday," Scherff said on how fatherhood is going. "Came up and hugged me and when I left he started crying. Felt good."

As for the athletic future for the newest member of the Scherff family, it doesn't look like football is in the cards just yet.

"Probably be a golfer," Scherff said about his son.

Scherff has a passion for golf himself, though he just made the switch from Walmart to custom clubs. For a big guy, he says he's still got game.

"My golf game is decent," Scherff said. "A lot better than you think it is."

As long as he can help the offensive line thrive, no one will mind what he shoots on the course.