Trent Williams wants to be traded from the Redskins. That much is known. What's happened in the last 48 hours gets quite murky and Williams' agent Vince Taylor wants to tell his own version of events.

There have been numerous reports about possible trades for Williams with the Vikings and the 49ers becoming the hottest possible landing spots. In fact, the word was a trade with Minnesota was very close on Friday until Taylor vetoed the Vikings on Williams behalf. That was widely reported, and frankly, believed by most. 

Williams denied that, via ESPN, and now Taylor has come out calling that false reporting. 

"There has been false reporting that Trent and I objected to particular trades," Taylor said in a statement. "I will continue to respect the Redskins' right to negotiate a trade, and hope that the negotiations quickly lead to a trade that is in the Redskins’ interest, Trent’s interest, and the interest of the other team." 


Washington granted Taylor permission to work towards a trade for Williams in early March. Nothing has materialized to this point but expectations were for something to get finalized at the draft.

Williams last actually played for the Redskins in Week 17 of the 2018 season. He missed all of 2019 after dealing with cancer and a contract holdout.


Going into the final day of the draft, it's worth watching if any trade gets done on Saturday. If it does it might be built at least somewhat on 2021 draft picks.

At this point it's beginning to look like Williams is running out of options. 

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