The 2020 NFL release schedule brought us one step closer to football, and it also gave all 32 NFL teams license to get creative on social media. In recent years, teams have gone above-and-beyond with unique visual ways to reveal their schedules to fans. 

2020 was no different and here is a look at some of the social accounts that nailed it.

49ers - Westworld

Maybe a little personal bias here, but this defending NFC Champions didn't cut any corners when showing off their schedule. Not only did they perfectly replicate the HBO show's introduction, but it's sleek and sophisticated flow looked great with NFL team logos. 

49ers fans should be happy with this creativity, but will probably hope their team's season is nowhere near as confusing as Westworld.

Broncos - Full House

Plenty of teams have implemented the sitcom's intro into their content in the past, but that doesn't mean Denver was wrong to do so. 

What really made this work was the creativity with each player. Even during quarantine, the Broncos were able to get hilarious moments for almost every player shown with the winner going to the player bold enough to stand in a freezing cold lake.

Buccaneers - Trivia

Tampa Bay is going to be getting a lot more looks on social media with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski joining the team, and their account is making a strong first impression for many.

It was a little long, but engaging to see players put their knowledge about teams and cities to the test.

Eagles - Streaming Service

It's always interesting when a team opts to compare their opponents to shows or movies because some are very challenging. Philadelphia did it with ease.


Not only did things such as "The Cleveland Show" work great for the Browns, but the Eagles took their fair share of shots at some other teams through the dialogue in the shows. Nothing like starting the trash talk nice and early.

Redskins - Player Workouts

Plenty of teams went with pop culture, but the Redskins decided to go a different route and focus on their players putting in work for the season.

Something about seeing players train to perform in the games now being revealed just gets the juices flowing. 


Bears - Lyrical Lemonade

Do the animations looks really cool in this video? Yes. Is the music in the background very catchy? Yes. Is there probably some pop-culture reference or comparison this video is paying homage to that I do not understand? Most definitely. Either way, the Bears sure were unique with what they did.

Chargers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Bills, Saints - Thanking Health Care Workers

A really great gesture by some teams, making sure to show their support for the many brave people who are helping to keep us healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

From surprising health care workers, to having them announce the schedule, to sending food into enemy territory, these videos showed that right now there are a lot of things bigger than football. It must be hot in here because my eyes are starting to sweat for some reason.

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