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The biggest offseason additions made by each of the Redskins' 2019 opponents

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The biggest offseason additions made by each of the Redskins' 2019 opponents

If you're a frequent visitor of (thank you if you are, by the way, and change that if you aren't), then you're likely well aware of all the Redskins' offseason additions, from Landon Collins to Dwayne Haskins to even Jordan Brailford.

But while you've been focusing on what the Burgundy and Gold have been up to, you might've missed what their 2019 opponents have brought on to their rosters. If that's the case, then you've found the right story.

Here's the single biggest player — whether it's a free agent or a vet via a trade or a draft pick — that Washington's 13 competitors have added in their respective offseasons.

Eagles (Weeks 1 & 15)

DeSean Jackson might still be burning defensive backs in the year 2045, but in 2019, he'll be doing it in Philadelphia again. Carson Wentz hasn't had a burner like that yet as a pro, and he should do wonders for the stat lines of Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz and others, too. Another Jackson, Malik, will bolster Philly's D-line, but DeSean could change the entire offense.

Cowboys (Weeks 2 & 17)

The Cowboys locking up Demarcus Lawrence was their biggest single move, yet in terms of new arrivals, Randall Cobb is their most notable. Dallas losing Cole Beasley was a blow, but they're hoping Cobb can come in and replace most, if not all, of Beasley's inside production. 

Bears (Week 3)

You could make the argument for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Buster Skrine here. However, with Jordan Howard now on the Eagles, third-round pick David Montgomery is slated for quite a workload at running back. He may not be the most explosive runner, but he could be the next rookie to step in and churn up 1,000 yards in Year 1. 

Giants (Week 4 & 16)

In the grand scheme of things, spending a ton of money for Golden Tate on a four-year deal may not make a ton of sense. But in an offseason where New York lost a ton, Tate represents their most significant addition. Daniel Jones, of course, is their most newsworthy (and clowned on), but Tate will definitely be a featured part of the offense while Jones might not be just yet.

Patriots (Week 5)

N'Keal Harry is the first wideout ever selected in the first round by Bill Belichick in New England. The Patriots had a massive need at the position, and the Arizona State product's ability to haul in contested catches and shake off coverage should help him emerge early for Tom Brady.

Dolphins (Week 6)

There was a point where it looked like Josh Rosen would be headed to D.C.. Ultimately, though, he ended up in Miami. The Dolphins didn't have to give up much to acquire Rosen during the draft, and now, they'll hope the second-year passer can develop into a franchise QB while still on his cheap rookie deal. 

49ers (Week 7)

Kwon Alexander and Nick Bosa are acceptable options here, but Dee Ford feels like the most impactful. With the Chiefs in 2018, Ford racked up 13 sacks, then San Fran traded for him in March and inked him to a very, very rich contract. If you're a Redskins fan, Ford is one pass rusher you hope will be facing Trent Williams and not Left Tackle X this campaign.

Vikings (Week 8)

It's not often an offensive lineman stands out as an organization's key new guy, but Garrett Bradbury could really help out Minnesota, even as a rookie. The 18th overall pick will be Kirk Cousins' center and get the O-line organized in 2019. 

Bills (Week 9)

Ed Oliver may need to bulk up a bit to realize his full potential, yet in terms of athleticism, he's already there. Cole Beasley is the free agent who'll make the biggest difference, but if Oliver delivers on his top-10 status, what he does on the D-line will outweigh what Beasley does in the slot.

Jets (Week 11)

An entire blog could be devoted to all that the Jets did in free agency, but Le'Veon Bell is obviously the selection here. The 27-year-old was one of the more versatile threats in the game with the Steelers, but will he still have that in a less loaded offense and after a year off? New York sure wants him to.

Lions (Week 12)

You may not be fully familiar with Trey Flowers, though Detroit clearly was, judging by the $90 million contract they handed him in March. He's just 25, multi-talented and has registered at least 6.5 sacks in the last three seasons. Plus he's an ex-Patriot, so you know Matt Patricia is thrilled.

Panthers (Week 13)

Gerald McCoy was dropped by the Bucs in May, and the Panthers were more than happy to sign him for a year. Brian Burns is enticing as a rookie edge rusher, but McCoy, even at age 31, is a durable and disruptive force on the interior. 

Packers (Week 14)

Green Bay has a pair of Smiths to attack QBs with now, but Za'Darius Smith got more money than Preston, so he's the one who makes this list. Signing Baltimore defenders after their initial breakout doesn't always work out, but the Packers saw enough in Za'Darius to give him$20 million guaranteed and trust he'll continue his rise in the NFC North.


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Dwayne Haskins has always admired Aaron Rodgers, now he gets to face him

Dwayne Haskins has always admired Aaron Rodgers, now he gets to face him

Sunday's game against the Packers will mark the fifth career start for Dwayne Haskins in the NFL. Yet, this one will be very different from the first four.

So far, Haskins has faced off against Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Jeff Driskel and Kyle Allen. In that group are a pair of second-year passers and a pair of backups who were on the field because of injuries. 

When Haskins makes the trip to Green Bay, he will find himself matched up with a marquee QB in Aaron Rodgers. In Haskins' brief tenure as a pro, he has often talked about how he hopes to one day be associated with the most talented signal callers ever, like Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Rodgers is in that group, too.

"He's one of my favorite quarterbacks," Haskins said on Wednesday. "I just like the way he's able to distribute the ball over the field... He's a very dynamic quarterback."

While Haskins is just beginning his journey in the NFL, Rodgers is putting together yet another sterling season. He's thrown 22 touchdowns to just two interceptions and is on pace to record his fourth straight campaign with a quarterback rating above 97. Since 2008, in fact, the worst rating Rodgers has posted is 92.7.

By comparison, the Redskins rookie currently sports a rating of 58.5. 

Rodgers' presence won't just affect the Burgundy and Gold's defense in Week 14. His ability to catch fire also puts pressure on his opponent's offense, because if he's in a groove it'seven more necessary to try and keep up. 

Haskins, though, explained that he doesn't want to think that way.

"You've got to score points against anybody," he said. "We had to score points to beat McCaffrey and the Panthers. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, he's going to keep his team in every game he plays. So, we've got to go in there scoring points, we know that. There's no press to outduel him or try to throw more than him. I'm just trying to move the chains and make plays when they need to be made."

That's a solid approach for Haskins, but odds are he will have to lead a more effective passing game if the Redskins are to win in Green Bay. Yes, his mediocre play has been hidden in the past two wins thanks to contributions from the special teams and running backs, but at some point a breakout is needed — both for him personally and the overall team.

In addition to battling a future Hall of Famer, Haskins also gets to soon do battle with Green Bay's renowned weather. Fortunately for him, that foe won't be at its most powerful — it doesn't look like it'll be cold enough to snow — and, unlike Rodgers, the 22-year-old knows how to handle low temperatures.

"Try and stay as warm as possible," he said. "Hand warmers, turtlenecks, soup, chicken broth, all that stuff."

So, he's already got the answers for the weather. And in a few days, everyone will get to see if he also has them for Rodgers.


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Here is a list of 25 old things that Lambeau Field is older than

Here is a list of 25 old things that Lambeau Field is older than

The Redskins will play at Lambeau Field this Sunday, a stadium that interim coach Bill Callahan respects and an environment rookie QB Dwayne Haskins can't wait to experience. 

Few places in sports, if any, are as revered as Lambeau Field. It has hosted some of the NFL's most iconic players and moments. It's a place every fan should try to visit. It's a legitimate American landmark. 

It's also super old.

The building, originally known as City Stadium, has existed since September 1957. That means it's more than 62 years old.

So — and this is for no real reason, so if you're looking for a real reason, sorry — here's a list of 25 old things that aren't as old as Lambeau Field:

1) Sprite

2) Nike

3) US ZIP codes

4) The movie Ben-Hur (which is apparently as long as The Irishman, but hopefully not as boring)

5) The Dallas Cowboys

6) Dwayne Haskins + Alex Smith (those two together are 57, so depending on the movie theater, they could combine to get a senior discount)

7) Simon Cowell (Lambeau Field is older but less grumpy)

8) Weather satellites (the first one was named TIROS-1 in case you were wondering, which you definitely weren't)

9) Barbie dolls

10) Big Macs (unrelated: Big Macs are delicious)

11) The Twilight Zone (sorry, Black Mirror is better)

12) Kmart stores

13) Michael Jordan

14) The Flintstones

15) George Clooney (yes, he's younger than Lambeau Field and also better at organizing complex casino heists)

16) Lava lamps (if you're buying a lava lamp in 2019, please seek help)

17) Hula hoops (if you're buying a hula hoop in 2019, please also seek help)

18) The Grammy Awards

19) Buffalo wings (imagine a world without Buffalo wings. NO. NEVER MIND. DON'T)

20) Hawaii's statehood

21) Computer mouses (regular mouses, meanwhile, are in fact older than Lambeau Field)

22) Etch a Sketch

23) Pull tabs on soda cans

24) Valium

25) Bump and run coverage 

In conclusion, Lambeau Field is old.