It was a packed house a Jammin’ Java in Vienna as Grant and Danny of 106.7 The Fan hosted a Q&A session with Redskins QB Kirk Cousins. Questions came from both the hosts and the fans in attendance. Here are some of Cousins’ most significant answers and my commentary on them.

The short answer is yes. 

This was his reply to the question of if the wanted to play for the Reskins. Take it or leave it, believe it or not, but that’s what he said.

It’s just not about the money. The money is not the driving factor in this decision to go another 16 games . . . Winning is really important to me, the most important thing, really, at this juncture of my career. So, I understand that. I’m not going to go to a place where I know I’m going to lose but, boy, I’m getting paid well. 

This is a combined answer to two different questions but they are making the same point. He is saying that he will not necessarily go to the highest bidder. Perhaps he’s telling teams like the Browns, who have a lot of cap space and a need at quarterback, not to bother calling. But the truth is that most teams that are in need of a quarterback are not participating in the playoffs.



This league is one-year deals . . . I’m OK with a one-year deal. It doesn’t scare me a whole lot, I’m OK with it, I think it’s a very fair contract and I don’t have any quarrel with it so I would just sign and go play football. 

In answer to a question, Cousins said that he would sign a franchise tag, which is essentially a one-year fully guaranteed contract that would pay, in his case, about $35 million if he was tendered one. Given that amount of money, about $2.1 million per week during the season, it’s pretty easy to see how he would think that’s “fair” although it would place a substantial burden on the team’s salary cap.


Going into this game, I’m thinking I kind of like the comfort and security the Redskins are offering. But Mike said, you don’t want to do this, you want to go play this out and then go from there. Well, I was the NFC offensive player of the month those last four games, we won all four and we went to the playoffs and the rest is history. 

The biggest news that was broken here was Cousins saying that the Redskins had offered him a contract extension prior to their Week 14 game against the Bears in 2015 and that he wanted to take it. His agent talked him out of it and while that decision may have caused endless frustration for Redskins fans, it has made Cousins a lot of money.

But after that, from Day 1 of the last offseason I felt it was a total belief from the Redskins, we want you here. And I felt wanted. So since then, I’ve never felt a need to prove it to them or that they’re doubting me. That narrative carried, but it wasn’t really true. I think they were all in last summer, it’s just we felt like we wanted to take more time . . . I feel peace about their belief in me, where they’re going forward from here.

So, this is the answer to the question of if Cousins believes that the Redskins believe in him as their franchise quarterback. He thinks that they do. Again, like the question about him wanting to be a Redskin, you can believe him or not. But that’s what he said.

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