During and after the draft, there was some chatter around the league that Bruce Allen might leave his job as Redskins team president to take a position with the Oakland Raiders. But he says he’s staying. 

He was asked about it on Sirius XM NFL Radio. 

“Well, first of all, I do like the Silver and Black,” he said to hosts Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller. “And I think Mark Davis, Reggie [McKenzie] and Jon [Gruden] are going to do great, and I’m so excited for them to go to Vegas. But I’m not going there. And I’m not going to play shortstop for the Nationals either tonight. I have a job to do and we’re really looking forward to this season and what we’re going to be doing off the field here, and future stadiums in Washington.”

The talk of Allen heading west gained some legs because he has a history with the Raiders and with their new/old head coach Jon Gruden. Allen was a senior executive with them from 1995-2003. Gruden left for the Bucs after the 2001 season and Allen joined him there as the team’s general manager.

While the connection to Oakland is there, many who cover the Redskins are skeptical that he would make a move at this time. Allen is in charge of finding a location for a new stadium for the Redskins and he is in the middle of a number of delicate negotiations. If he left now, the stadium project would suffer a considerable setback. 


Of course, it’s not uncommon for coaches and executives to say that they are staying right up until they leave. Allen’s words on the radio will not necessarily stop speculation. 

And if he turns up at shortstop in place of Trea Turner tonight, you should really keep your eyes and ears open.  


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