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Washington Football

Welcome to "Bullish or Bearish?" In this series, JP Finlay and Pete Hailey will pick bold, fan-submitted statements about the Redskins and decide whether they're personally bullish or bearish on those statements.

Next up is this prediction about a talented fan favorite:

Now, JP and Pete's analysis...

JP's thoughts

The 2020 Redskins don't have many position groups full of talent, especially on offense, but running back could be one of them. The team has Adrian Peterson, Derrius Guice, J.D. McKissic, Antonio Gibson and Peyton Barber under contract with Bryce Love hopefully working his way back from injury. 

In the best scenario, this backfield looks like a timeshare. In the best scenario. 

Let's ignore that Guice has played just five games in two NFL seasons with the Redskins and look at the backlog of runners for offensive coordinator Scott Turner to get the ball. Guice can play, undoubtedly. He has tremendous physicality in the hole and in the open field. He runs violently and can display speed. 

But, the new Redskins regime signed McKissic and drafted Gibson. That same regime also picked up the 2020 team option on Peterson's contract. Lots of backs are going to get the football this fall. Yes, if healthy, Guice might get the most carries, but I'm still not sure that would be enough for 1,000 yards. And that's assuming he's fully healthy. I'm BEARISH



Pete's thoughts

If you could guarantee me that I'd shoot an 85 every time I played a round of golf, I'd be bullish about golf.

If you could guarantee me that drinking chocolate milkshakes for breakfast wouldn't be awful for my health, then I'd be bullish about drinking chocolate milkshakes for breakfast.

And if you could guarantee me that Guice would be healthy for all 16 games this year, then I'd be bullish about him easily going over 1,000 yards for the Redskins.

Here's the problem with all of those statements, though: None of them can be guaranteed. That's why I'm BEARISH when it comes to Guice reaching four digits on the ground in 2020.


He has all the ability in the world; what he did against the Panthers last year proved it. That afternoon was a true standout performance, and I have no doubt he'll produce tons more — if his body allows him to. I just don't know if his body will allow him to.

I really hope the 23-year-old doesn't become the next Chris Thompson or Jordan Reed, an offensive player who only is able to contribute here and there. But until he is able to string together a month of healthy football, let alone a full schedule of it, I can't count on him to go over 1,000 yards. I simply can't, and neither can the Redskins.

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