Washington Football

Washington Football

Dwayne Haskins will enter training camp as the Washington Redskins starter. That's become clear, and his work ethic on and off the field throughout the past few months has only made the decision easier for Ron Rivera and company.

However, as so often happens in the sports world, other hypothetical options exist for the Redskins at quarterback. One is Kyle Allen, a young, free agent signing who already has experience in Scott Turner's system and showed flashes of NFL-level play in 2019. The other -- and most likely more enticing -- is Cam Newton.

Newton, 31, is currently the biggest name left on the free agent market. Despite his past success that included NFL MVP honors in 2015, recent injury troubles seem to have teams concerned. However, he's available and has a long history with Ron Rivera - the two spent nine seasons together in Carolina. Newton posted an Instagram looking injury-free, and Rivera has said he wouldn't doubt the QB. Yet, Newton to the Redskins is most likely not going to happen, it's just another hypothetical.

But, what if the Redskins were to choose between Haskins, Allen and Newton? Which QB would/should they want? NBC Sports analyst and former NFL QB Chris Simms weighed in on the latest Redskins Talk Podcast. To him, it depends on what direction the franchise wants to move in.



If the Redskins want to win right this moment, then Simms believes Newton is the obvious choice. The most experience and talent, the veteran QB fits the win-now narrative. But, that approach may not be the one Washington is currently taking.

“Well, listen, I think Cam Newton is better than all of them. That’s for sure," Simms said. "For this second, yes Cam Newton would be the guy to go to. If you really wanted it to happen right now.”

“But, I don’t think the Washington Redskins are necessarily building for this second right now, too," Simms added.

To clarify, the Redskins -- like every team -- want to win football games. But, as the franchise stands now, they also need to build for the future. What Simms is saying is that signing a veteran like Newton is a move a team with Super Bowl aspirations would make - especially if Washington had all of the other pieces in place. But based on the composition of the roster in Washington, the move wouldn't make much sense right now. 


The Redskins drafted Haskins in the first round last year with the hope that he will develop into a top quarterback, something Simms can see happening despite a low ranking for him in 2020. To get to that point, Haskins needs to play and grow with the other pieces of the offense. It's a similar explanation as to why Ron Rivera isn't thinking about Antonio Brown because he has so many young receivers to work with. 

“The Washington Redskins have invested a top 20 pick in a quarterback has the talent to be a top 10 quarterback at some point in his career," Simms said. "They’re trying to build something to be special two, three, four, five years down the road. I’m not so sure Cam Newton’s the right answer as far as that’s concerned. Especially when you have a top 20 pick at quarterback on your roster already.”

Cam Newton may be the best quarterback of the three. However, he's not the best option for the Redskins at this time.

“No, I think ultimately you go with Dwayne Haskins and you let him develop with some of this young, unproven talent that you do have on the offensive side of the ball already," Simms said. 

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