Doug Williams delivered arguably the best line of the preseason on Tuesday when he was asked about competition among the Redskins wide receiver group.

"It's been a good competition. I think what has happened is the free agent kid from Alabama [Cam Sims] threw a hand grenade in this thing," Williams said. "I think Sims has had a tremendous camp."

Williams isn't exaggerating.

With five catches for 131 yards, Sims leads the Redskins in receiving through two preseason games, and that's with an impressive touchdown catch called back last week against the Jets. What's more, Sims has size that football coaches dream of in a wide receiver and an ability to make big plays with acrobatic catches. He goes 6-foot-5 and has a frame that could handle another 20 pounds of muscle put on through an NFL strength program. 

In many ways, Washington has a good problem at receiver. There appear to be more good players, or at least promising players, than there are roster spots. 

The team is obviously going to keep Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson and Jamison Crowder on their 53-man roster. Maurice Harris seemed like a lock for the fourth WR spot, until Williams revealed Harris suffered a concussion earlier this month. 

"Maurice Harris has played exceptionally well until the concussion," Williams said.

Well, until Williams said that, the team had done a good job keeping the concussion out of the media. Harris is expected back on the field Friday night for the third preseason game against the Broncos, and assuming no setbacks, he should make the 53. Still, head injuries always bring a moment for pause. 


After those four wideouts, things get complicated. 

Brian Quick had played well in Richmond but missed time. Trey Quinn has been impressive too despite being a seventh-round pick. Combine those two with Sims, and there are seven players worth talking about for the Redskins at wide receiver. 

Last year, Washington only kept five wideouts on the 53. 

Uh oh. 

This season, it seems likely the Redskins will keep six receivers on their roster. In 2017, Washington kept four tight ends: Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis, Niles Paul and Jeremy Sprinkle. With Paul now playing for the Jaguars, the Redskins will only keep three tight ends. That roster spot can be easily absorbed at the receiver spot. 

So, even if the team keeps six wideouts, who are they going to be?

Sims clearly has made an impression, and Quinn has done the same. Quick is a veteran, which the Redskins don't really have, but he also carries a higher price tag. While Sims and Quinn appear ahead of Quick, remember, last year Quick stayed on the roster even when many expected him to get cut. 

The team has two preseason games left to sort things out. As for Sims, he's taking Williams' words in stride. 

"I guess that's good coming from him," the undrafted rookie said. "I just got to keep working and keep throwing grenades."



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