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'Can I call it a draw?': Debating whether Redskins or Cowboys made the better coaching hire

'Can I call it a draw?': Debating whether Redskins or Cowboys made the better coaching hire

For two franchises that have fallen short of expectations quite a bit lately, the Redskins and Cowboys featured some odd stability at head coach. Jay Gruden took over in Washington in 2014 and stayed in charge until last October, while Jason Garrett ran the Cowboys from 2011 until the end of 2019.

Both have finally been replaced, of course, by Ron Rivera and Mike McCarthy, respectively. And during his appearance on the Redskins Talk podcast, longtime Cowboys expert Newy Scruggs had a very hard time answering which team made the better coaching hire.

"Can I call it a draw?" Scruggs said after a pause. "Because I think both guys fit exactly what's needed in the situation."

The Burgundy and Gold's previous leader took a polarizing approach, with some players and outsiders loving his relaxed style and others claiming that style was precisely why the organization was never better than 9-7 under him. 

Scruggs believes Rivera, a Super Bowl champ as a player and two-time Coach of the Year, will step in and have much better control of the operation.

"To me, what's the biggest thing that they need in Washington? It's some credibility, OK?" he told Redskins Talk.  "To see what the organization's become, to me it's frustrating, because that's not what I grew up around and these Washington fans deserve better. Ron Rivera is a guy who commands respect."

"I think it's a perfect fit," Scruggs concluded.


Much like Rivera will with the Redskins, Scruggs sees McCarthy setting a new tone with the Cowboys, too. As Scruggs pointed out, McCarthy's captured a Super Bowl inside of AT&T Stadium, an achievement that no player on the roster can relate to.

"We have too many dudes down here in Dallas, wearing Cowboy uniforms, acting like they've won something and they haven't," Scruggs said. "It's going to be refreshing."

There's another valuable quality McCarthy will bring with him to the NFC East, and that quality is a special something called not being Jason Garrett. 

"Mike McCarthy is a guy who's not going to get beat by the New York Jets after Sam Darnold takes off a month," Scruggs said, referencing an infamous Dallas loss from last season. "We're not going to see that happen. Jason Garrett's going to lose two games a year."

Let us all take a moment and appreciate how righteous that burn is.

OK, we can move on now.

While the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry has faded in the 2000s, fans from of both clubs still want to beat each other whenever possible. In this debate, however, Scruggs doesn't see a winner, which may annoy some.

In the end, though, if both Rivera and McCarthy can accomplish what Scruggs expects them to, each side will be happy with what's to come. Then they'll find something else to argue about.

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Former DE Charles Mann believes keeping Washington's colors is a must but isn't as attached to the band

Former DE Charles Mann believes keeping Washington's colors is a must but isn't as attached to the band

Washington's football team may not have its new name today, but eventually, it will. And when the team does land on that choice, it'll also have to decide what to do with some key staples that became popular under the previous brand.

The two main things that'll need to either be kept or also moved on from are the franchise's color scheme as well as its band. Proceeding with the pair would be a way to merge the past with the future, while dropping each would give the organization a chance to totally restart.

Charles Mann, though, doesn't view it as a both or neither scenario. The four-time Pro Bowler and team legend is far more attached to one tradition than the other.

"I hope we keep the Burgundy and Gold," Mann told NBC Sports Washington in a recent interview. "Don't change those Burgundy and Gold colors. You've got to keep that."

According to reports, it seems like Mann will get his wish on that front. That's something that'll no doubt please ardent followers of the squad, too.


The longtime defensive end wasn't as worried or fixated on the band's future (or the continuation of the fight song), which was intriguing. Most diehards who want the colors to stay are adamant about that feature and its classic tune remaining as well, yet he didn't seem particularly concerned.

"The fight song... you know, it's the fight song," Mann said. "Maybe they can change the lyrics, you've got all these lyrical masters. As far as the band -- I'm probably going to get it on this one -- but I could see us moving on from the band."

Mann is the second beloved ex-defender to come out in these last few days and demonstrate that he's not completely committed to keeping everything from Washington's past alive. 

On Monday, Darrell Green said this to ESPN: "I've got jerseys and helmets. Hey, I'm ready to throw them away. Give me another helmet. Give me the new helmet, because when I ran down the field in Chicago and I chased down [Tony] Dorsett or whatever the case may be, those things were for the team that was in Washington, so it didn't really matter. It still happened."

There hasn't been much indication on what Dan Snyder is thinking about the band and the song, but if he were to leave them behind -- and again, there hasn't been any reports suggesting he will -- that would be quite an adjustment to the gameday atmosphere.

Mann, however, clearly wouldn't feel too, too bad about that switch-up. Instead, he's much more enticed by the idea of another change to the team's home contests.

"I'm not really hardpressed on anything," he said. "I just want to see us win. I just want to see us win. At the end of the day, winning fixes everything. So just win."


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Does Redwolves have all the momentum for Washington's new name, or none at all?

Does Redwolves have all the momentum for Washington's new name, or none at all?

The Washington football team needs a new name, and for many fans - particularly those on social media - Redwolves has the most momentum.

Redwolves? Yep, Redwolves. 

Plenty of people claim to have started the concept but nobody supported the name as early or as vocally as former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot. Watch the video above, but maybe turn the sound down. Other prominent voices like the Redskins Today Instagram page have been loudly clamoring for Redwolves to be the new team name. 

It's a cool idea. 

Literally, red wolves are an endangered species that is native to the Appalachian Mountains up and down the east coast. Figuratively, fans could howl like wolves at home and away games and the famous team fight song could probably be saved with just a few tweaks. 

Even NBC Sports Washington (a corporate partner with Washington and my employer) is running Redwolves content on social media. 

Clearly, in the land of pixels and infinite space, Redwolves is winning. The name has real momentum there. 

What about the land of finite space and three dimensions? What's leading there?


It's hard to know, but it does seem like Redwolves has an age gap. Allow The Team 980's Kevin Sheehan to explain: "Redwolves is for a youth basketball team. Grow up."

Sheehan's remarks caused a stir on Twitter, but plenty of older fans feel the nickname is too cartoonish.

Other questions remain too.

Arkansas State University holds a trademark on the Red Wolves. While they can share their trademark, they don't have to, but maybe they would with some compensation. 

Also, does a Washington team that dealt with so much controversy from their old name really need a new name that uses the word red? Is it time for a clean break from all things red?

Take a poll a month ago and Redwolves barely shows up. Take one today, and Redwolves could win it outright. 

Does significant support from Twitter and Instagram move the needle in Ashburn? What about at the NFL offices on Park Avenue?

It's hard to know. Redwolves is very real on social media, but is social media real? 

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