The Redskins released their first unofficial depth chart on Monday, and it was Colt McCoy who was listed in the QB1 spot, with veteran Case Keenum as the backup and rookie Dwayne Haskins listed as the third-stringer.

As the three compete for the starting position, the first depth chart practically means nothing. Throughout the first week and some change of training camp, McCoy has arguably looked the best of the three, but no one has yet to pull away.

Having McCoy atop the first depth chart could be largely due to the fact that he's been in head coach Jay Gruden's system for five years, while both Keenum and Haskins are in their first year with the team. The rest of training camp and the preseason will strongly influence how this competition plays out, rather than what we have seen thus far.

"Yeah, it's early, and I was forced to make it," Gruden said on the depth chart, downplaying its importance. "I wouldn’t have made a depth chart right now; there's no reason to, it's silly. It's words on a piece of paper, names on a piece of paper and an order that means nothing at this point."

In fact, the team downplayed the importance of the depth chart so much that Keenum did not even know he was slated in the backup role until Monday when NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay broke the news to him. 


"I didn't know," Keenum said on being second on the depth chart. "It's news to me. Whatever reps I'm getting, I'm getting ready to play. That's hands-down what I'm doing. [The depth chart] is for you guys to talk about. I'm not going to change what I do and how I approach each day."

Keenum isn't worried about what the depth chart says right now. The team still has all of their preseason games to play, and the eighth-year veteran is still familiarizing himself with Gruden's offensive system.

"Being a pro, being around, this is my 8th season now, I know what it takes to get ready to play," Keenum said. "I know how long the season is."

"I don't wanna peak right now," he continued. "I don't want to peak as an offense right now. We're still putting stuff in. It's still the first time I've run some plays. We're now getting to the point where there are staples to our offense. But you still want to be building, you still want to be climbing the mountain."

Keenum is fully embracing the competition, knowing that the competitive fire between each quarterback will only make each one of them better in the long run. 

"I think we have some pride as a position group together," Keenum said at his podium press conference on Monday. "I think that when we as a group are better, the whole team is better."

"We push each other and we push ourselves," he continued. "We all want each other to do well because that reflects better as an offense and that reflects better for our coach -- [quarterback] coach [Tim] Rattay, [offensive coordinator] Kevin [O’Connell], all those guys. So I think we all want to play well and we all want each other to play well at the same time.”