One of the most common reactions to the Redskins reportedly picking up Case Keenum was: Does this mean the team is out on Josh Rosen?

The answer is no.

Sure, the fact that Washington is expected to add the ex-Bronco once the new league year starts probably lowers the chance of a Rosen acquisition somewhat. But it definitely doesn't eliminate it.

In Keenum, the 'Skins are getting a passer that's very similar to Colt McCoy — a guy who can be good in stretches, but not someone you'd confuse for a long-term solution under center.

Rosen, on the other hand, could certainly be that kind of answer. However, getting him from Arizona would require much more compensation, and it's not entirely clear whether Arizona will truly deal him. Going after him is a good idea, but it's still just that: an idea.

Keenum, on the other hand, was never going to stick around in Denver after Joe Flacco arrived. So, the Redskins were able to get him for a very low cost — both money-wise and trade-wise —  and guarantee that they'd enter 2019 with at least one new option under center.

Whether that option is a legit one is certainly up for debate, seeing as the 31-year-old has largely been mediocre outside of one brilliant campaign with the Vikings. But at the very minimum, the team now has competition for Colt McCoy, someone who's been up-and-down in his own right and who gets injured often.


Overall, the Keenum trade makes sense, even if it's not that rich in potential or very exciting. Now, if you're a fan looking for something more inspiring, such as a swap for Rosen, you should still have hope for one.