Chase Young isn't working out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, so his podium session on Thursday morning was really the only chance for Redskins fans to see him and hear from him.

Somehow, he still delivered.

The Ohio State pass rusher faced all kinds of questions, but not surprisingly, the Burgundy and Gold came up a few times. Turns out, he's already in constant contact with one of the franchise's key players.

"Me and Dwayne, we talk all the time," Young said. "I've known Dwayne since high school. He definitely loves the organization and obviously he wants me to come play with him. I just think we'll see how this whole thing turns out."

The Redskins QB has called Young a "game-wrecker" and was already pushing for his organization to land him the day after the 2019 season ended, so no one should be shocked that Haskins' name is popping up in Young's phone on the regular. 

Young, who's from the D.C. area, also had a chance to discuss his ties to the team growing up. He never really had a favorite squad as a kid, he explained, but he did watch the Redskins often. And a few players made a particular impression on him.

"Growing up, I was always a fan of Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis and people like that," Young told reporters.

It's appropriate Young mentioned Taylor. If Washington does go on to select Young with the No. 2 selection in April, he'll be their highest-drafted defender since they landed the safety back in 2004.


In Young's mind, however, while he very well may end up as the second prospect off the board in Las Vegas, he shouldn't. Joe Burrow and others simply don't match up with him.

"I definitely think I'm the best player in the draft," he said.