Popeyes or Chick-fil-A? Were Shakira and J-Lo too much? Take Chase Young or trade down?

These are the debates people are having these days, with the third one picking up by the minute for anyone who cares about the Redskins. And it's only February!

On one side, you have those in favor of drafting the seemingly flawless Ohio State defender and letting him torment opposing passers for hopefully a decade-plus. No point in overthinking it.

On the other, there are the folks who prefer the idea of Washington trading down from the second slot of the 2020 draft, acquiring additional picks and adding more prospects to their roster. They aren't one player away, after all.

During an interview with JP Finlay on the Redskins Talk podcast, the legendary Joe Gibbs laid out how he'd approach the conundrum. 

"I think what happens is, you look at that guy," Gibbs explained to Redskins Talk. "How good is that guy, or would you rather have two or three players? That's a big decision."

A big decision, indeed.

The thought of adding Young to a front line that includes four other former first-rounders and Matt Ioannidis has to be tantalizing for Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio. Yet last week, NBC football analyst Peter King explained that the Burgundy and Gold could "remake" their franchise by dealing their premium choice.


While Gibbs himself wasn't ready to declare a stance yet, he did express confidence in those who will eventually have to.

"I think we've got the right people making [decisions] now," he said. "I know Ron's going to head things up there, and with Dan's support, I feel like they're going to make the right choice."

Gibbs' use of the word "now" may stand out to astute readers. With Ron Rivera taking over, Kyle Smith gaining more power and Bruce Allen no longer in the picture, everyone seems to be feeling better about where the Redskins are headed. Gibbs appears to be a part of that group.

To close the interview, Finlay asked Gibbs if he's relieved he won't be angsting over this question for the next few months. Gibbs didn't have to think long.

"I'm glad I don't have to make that," he said with his trademark chuckle.