When asked if he wanted to stay with the Redskins over the last three seasons, Kirk Cousins always did a good job of saying the right things without ever really committing to Washington. 

On Wednesday, former Washington tight end turned radio broadcaster Chris Cooley asked Redskins running back Chris Thompson the same question: Did Cousins want to come back?

Thompson answered, honestly, after a long pause. 

"I think everybody got some mixed messages, I will say that," Thompson told Cooley, speaking on The Team 980 (click here for full audio). 

At his year-end radio interview on 106.7 the Fan, Cousins was asked about his desire to return to the Redskins. The quarterback said that "the short answer is yes" but that the longer answer was much more complicated. He certainly never came out and declared he wanted to return, unequivocally, like fellow free agent Drew Brees came out and said about returning to New Orleans. 

If the answers seemed vague to media and fans, the same thing can be said about Redskins players. 

"It’s kind of hard to say," Thompson said. "I think everybody got a different feel about it, but I know Kirk enjoyed being with me and I enjoyed being with him, so I wanted him to be here and I think part of him wanted to be here, but at the end of the day, you gotta do whatever you think is best for you and your family."


It's also important to point out that Cousins has been smart and savvy throughout his contract dealings with the Redskins, and his tone when asked about the future was likely part of that thinking. 


Now, after two years playing under a franchise tag in Washington, it appears Cousins will head to free agency and get to pick his next team. 

"I know Kirk is going to go somewhere and get every single dollar he wants. I think he deserves it," Thompson said. "He’s put up some great numbers year in and year out, so that’s what this league is all about, the numbers."

Thompson also made clear he enjoyed playing with Cousins and that the quarterback talked about how good their pairing could be in the future.

"I know for me, talking to Kirk, being with Kirk, all we talked about was, you know, ‘C.T., with you staying healthy, we can do this with you, we can do that with you,’ and we were able to do a lot of the things that Kirk wanted to do with me. We wanted to continue this, so for me, I expected him to be here. I knew it would be hard given that we want to win, but if you pay a guy [$30 million] a year, it’s going to sacrifice some other things as well, as far as helping our defense out, maybe getting some more receivers, or running backs and all those type of things."

Still rehabbing from a broken leg sustained in a November loss to the Saints but expected to make a full recovery, Thompson said he's excited to play this fall with Alex Smith. 

"I’m excited about Alex coming in and being here if everything stays the way that it’s supposed to be through March," Thompson said. "He’s an athletic guy. I hear he’s a really great guy, a good leader, too, so I’m just excited for the opportunity."

(h/t @ScottSAllen/Washington Post)

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