The 2019 season is just four games old and the Redskins are already mired in a quarterback debate.

On Monday, one day after both Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins were helpless against the Giants' usually disorganized pass defense, Jay Gruden was asked at his press conference if he was prepared to name a starter for Week 5's matchup with the Patriots.

The head coach will be choosing between Keenum, Haskins and Colt McCoy, and while one may think it'd serve Gruden's team best to know who they'll be playing with come Sunday as soon as possible, he instead declared he'll be using this week to help make his decision.

"When we come back Wednesday morning, we'll have a practice and we'll see where they are at," he told reporters.

There's plenty of speculation about who'll get the call and, as of now, all three seem like they have a chance. But McCoy might be the favorite, considering how Gruden has always been enamored with him and he's more equipped than a rookie to deal with New England's defense.

The main hurdle for McCoy, then, is whether he's physically ready to take on the Pats. But in a one-on-one interview with JP Finlay for the Redskins Talk podcast that'll come out on Tuesday, Gruden explained that he likes where McCoy is as he's trying to come back from a leg injury he originally sustained last December.

"He wouldn't be out there practicing last week if he wasn't healthy," Gruden said. "That was the whole deal. I didn't want him out there practicing until he was 100-percent in his mind. His body is fine now, he's done a lot of rehab, worked his tail off."


"This has been frustrating for him," he added. "This has been frustrating for all of us. Now that he's out there, last week he got a few reps with the scout team, we'll see how he is come Wednesday afternoon."

And that sound you hear is the pro-Haskins crowd clicking out of this story because they're upset with the idea of McCoy taking the field instead of Haskins. They have a right and an argument to be, too, but Gruden's been a McCoy guy for more than half a decade at this point and it doesn't sound like that's changed during the passer's recent absence.

Of course, it's also understandable why Gruden may be leaning toward McCoy, even if it's maddening to some. Those two have been paired together since 2014, which gives them a level of chemistry Keenum and Haskins can't come close to matching.

"It does help that when I call a play we’ve been running for five or six years that you know where to look and what side of the field to read as opposed to seeing it for the first time, like Case and Dwayne," Gruden said at his presser.

It's important to remember that, before he got hurt in August, McCoy was leading the Redskins' three-man QB competition. So if he's back to "100-percent" like Gruden believes he is, don't be surprised if he retakes his place atop the depth chart.