He's not quite as polarizing as Crocs or mayonnaise, but Kyler Murray and his pro potential are two things that are pretty divisive. 

Certainly, Murray checking in at the Combine at 5-foot-10, 207 pounds will lock him into the first round of the upcoming draft, and likely near the top of the draft, too. Still, his detractors will worry about him being sub-6 feet and wonder if he can be as prolific in the pros as he was at Oklahoma.

Just don't expect Jay Gruden to be on that side of the argument.

"In the past, there would be some major questions about his size," Gruden said while speaking to reporters in Indianapolis. "But I think Russell Wilson's put an end to all that with his ability to escape and throw the ball from the pocket, outside of the pocket."

"When you watch Kyler play on tape, I don't think there's any concern about his size," Washington's coach added, laughing off that notion. "He can make every throw from in the pocket, outside the pocket. He's going to run it extremely fast." 

The Wilson comparison is an easy one, as Murray is a bit shorter than the Seahawks passer was as prospect but also a bit heavier. Wilson also played baseball and, like Murray, relies a lot on off-schedule plays to be at his most effective.

Wilson's incredible production on Sundays will surely help Murray, as franchises can point to him and know that shorter, mobile QBs can be stalwarts. Look for Murray to now contend with Dwayne Haskins to be the first QB off the board in a few months.


During his meeting with the media, Gruden didn't sound too enthused about the idea of moving up from the 15th pick, which the Redskins would likely have to do to secure the Heisman Trophy winner. Doug Williams also spoke, and he was even more hesitant at the thought of doing so.

Yet that didn't stop Gruden from dishing out more line of praise about Murray's future.

"Very exciting, young player that's going to be an excellent NFL quarterback."