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Count Jay Gruden among those who believe Kyler Murray is going to succeed in the NFL

Count Jay Gruden among those who believe Kyler Murray is going to succeed in the NFL

He's not quite as polarizing as Crocs or mayonnaise, but Kyler Murray and his pro potential are two things that are pretty divisive. 

Certainly, Murray checking in at the Combine at 5-foot-10, 207 pounds will lock him into the first round of the upcoming draft, and likely near the top of the draft, too. Still, his detractors will worry about him being sub-6 feet and wonder if he can be as prolific in the pros as he was at Oklahoma.

Just don't expect Jay Gruden to be on that side of the argument.

"In the past, there would be some major questions about his size," Gruden said while speaking to reporters in Indianapolis. "But I think Russell Wilson's put an end to all that with his ability to escape and throw the ball from the pocket, outside of the pocket."

"When you watch Kyler play on tape, I don't think there's any concern about his size," Washington's coach added, laughing off that notion. "He can make every throw from in the pocket, outside the pocket. He's going to run it extremely fast." 

The Wilson comparison is an easy one, as Murray is a bit shorter than the Seahawks passer was as prospect but also a bit heavier. Wilson also played baseball and, like Murray, relies a lot on off-schedule plays to be at his most effective.

Wilson's incredible production on Sundays will surely help Murray, as franchises can point to him and know that shorter, mobile QBs can be stalwarts. Look for Murray to now contend with Dwayne Haskins to be the first QB off the board in a few months.

During his meeting with the media, Gruden didn't sound too enthused about the idea of moving up from the 15th pick, which the Redskins would likely have to do to secure the Heisman Trophy winner. Doug Williams also spoke, and he was even more hesitant at the thought of doing so.

Yet that didn't stop Gruden from dishing out more line of praise about Murray's future.

"Very exciting, young player that's going to be an excellent NFL quarterback."


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Chase Young name-dropped Dwayne Haskins and Sean Taylor at the Combine podium

Chase Young name-dropped Dwayne Haskins and Sean Taylor at the Combine podium

Chase Young isn't working out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, so his podium session on Thursday morning was really the only chance for Redskins fans to see him and hear from him.

Somehow, he still delivered.

The Ohio State pass rusher faced all kinds of questions, but not surprisingly, the Burgundy and Gold came up a few times. Turns out, he's already in constant contact with one of the franchise's key players.

"Me and Dwayne, we talk all the time," Young said. "I've known Dwayne since high school. He definitely loves the organization and obviously he wants me to come play with him. I just think we'll see how this whole thing turns out."

The Redskins QB has called Young a "game-wrecker" and was already pushing for his organization to land him the day after the 2019 season ended, so no one should be shocked that Haskins' name is popping up in Young's phone on the regular. 

Young, who's from the D.C. area, also had a chance to discuss his ties to the team growing up. He never really had a favorite squad as a kid, he explained, but he did watch the Redskins often. And a few players made a particular impression on him.

"Growing up, I was always a fan of Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis and people like that," Young told reporters.

It's appropriate Young mentioned Taylor. If Washington does go on to select Young with the No. 2 selection in April, he'll be their highest-drafted defender since they landed the safety back in 2004.

In Young's mind, however, while he very well may end up as the second prospect off the board in Las Vegas, he shouldn't. Joe Burrow and others simply don't match up with him.

"I definitely think I'm the best player in the draft," he said.


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Ron Rivera describes situation with Trent Williams as 'fluid,' has no update on guard Brandon Scherff

Ron Rivera describes situation with Trent Williams as 'fluid,' has no update on guard Brandon Scherff

Redskins head coach Ron Rivera was asked a plethora of questions when he addressed the media at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday, such as what impressed him about quarterback Dwayne Haskins and what players the team will consider with the No. 2 pick.

While Rivera talked in detail about meeting with top quarterback prospects and what his view on free agency is, the head coach did not offer much insight about two offensive linemen: Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff.

Rivera confirmed recent reports that he had spoken with Williams, the team's cornerstone left tackle, but would not go much further than that.

"Trent Williams and I have talked. We had a good conversation," Rivera said. "Again, that's a work in progress and we'll see how things unfold. It's a fluid situation."

Williams, of course, did not play a snap for the Redskins in 2019, holding out after believing Redskins doctors misdiagnosed a cancerous growth on his head for nearly six years. But after the organization had practically a complete reboot this offseason, firing longtime team president Bruce Allen and athletic trainer Larry Hess.

Rivera stated he has a plan to get Williams to return. A report last week stated No. 71 will return to the Redskins because of Rivera. But thus far, nothing has amounted.

"I think where it is, we're still working through details," Rivera said. "We're in a good place. We had a good conversation and we're going to go from that."

The head coach was also asked questions about right guard Brandon Scherff, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Scherff reportedly turned down a hefty extension last year that would have paid him upwards of $13 million annually, but did tell NBC Sports Washington last October he wants to remain in Washington for the entirety of his career.

Rivera was asked about his plan with Scherff and whether the franchise tag was a potential option. The head coach gave a vague response while avoiding answering the question directly.

"Well, the biggest thing again, is that we like our guys," Rivera said. "We like our guys that are free agents. We want to try to bring those guys back, we'll see how things go."

The head coach's answer did not sound like he's confident the Redskins will be able to retain the three-time Pro Bowler.

"You have to look at everything," Rivera said. "What happens if they don't come back? It's a pretty fair free agency, but you never know, because guys are trying to re-sign their own players."

The Redskins have until March 12 to place the franchise tag on Scherff, should they decide to go that route. Until then, the two sides are expected to continue to work on reaching a long-term deal.

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