Daron Payne being an incredibly strong human being is something that has been known for a long time and displayed during his young career with the Redskins.

Payne being an incredibly strong human being that can push a truck with absolute ease is something that was learned today and will never be forgotten.

With the coronavirus pandemic delaying NFL camps and complicating workouts for players around the league, many have taken up unique ways to get their training in. The Redskins defensive lineman is among that group, as he was seen casually pushing a truck down a road on Thursday to build some strength.

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When watching this video it is important to remember that pushing a car is not easy. It may look not that challenging because Payne has it moving at a reasonable pace you might see if someone was driving looking for a parking spot. But to repeat, it is not easy. That is thousands of pounds being moved like it is nothing. When Payne lines up against an offensive tackle this season, there's a chance he may push them 10 yards down the field.


The third-year pro isn't the only member of Washington's defense to work out this way in the offseason. Ryan Kerrigan also pushed a motor vehicle with relative ease back in March.


Nothing seems to be getting in the way of the Redskins defense from getting stronger for the 2020 season. These videos and the addition of Chase Young should act as nightmare fuel for opposing offensive lines. If the NFL ever decided to settle a tie game by seeing which team could push a car the fastest or farthest, Washington would be in good hands.

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