On Monday, Jay Gruden told reporters he's "numb" to the Trent Williams holdout these days.

Well, maybe this Tuesday tidbit will make the coach feel something.

On the latest episode of Hail to the Podcast, DeAngelo Hall said to his co-host Erin Hawksworth that he now believes Williams may return to the team "sooner rather than later." 

In fact, it sounds like the front office is really doing their best to appease the Pro Bowler:

Just last week on the same podcast, though, Hall explained how he reached out to the lineman and Williams said there was "zero chance" he'd rejoin Washington before the season opener. So, what should be made of Hall's newest opinion?

Well, maybe both of his thoughts can be true. The Redskins' Week 1 matchup with the Eagles is just five days away, and Williams apparently relayed to Hall that he absolutely wouldn't return before it. However, perhaps Williams' stance that he'll never play for the Redskins again is softening, giving Hall the impression that the holdout could be approaching its end, even if the end isn't this particular week.

Now, these kinds of updates are hard to truly get optimistic over, especially because Williams himself hasn't addressed any of this on his own. Regardless, if you want to gain a little encouragement from the "sooner rather than later" statement, go ahead, because it feels like it's the first (albeit small) promising part of this storyline to come out in months.