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Derrick Dockery aims to honor family and other soldiers through Yellow Ribbons United

Derrick Dockery aims to honor family and other soldiers through Yellow Ribbons United

As someone who spent 10 seasons playing in the NFL, Derrick Dockery was constantly surrounded by cheers and appreciation from fans, and that support was something he'll always cherish.

Now, however, he's working to help bring that feeling to the homes of millions of soldiers and their families around the country.

Along with his wife, Dockery started an organization called Yellow Ribbons United eight years ago, with the goal of raising awareness and support for military members and their families. As the website states, "YRU creates awareness around the challenges that families of active duty and military veterans face."

The cause is one that hits close to home for Dockery and his family. Yellow Ribbons United was started in honor of his brother-in-law, and his wife Emma knows firsthand what it is like to grow up in a military family.

"Though it was my father who made the official oath to our country, it was ultimately the entire family's sacrifice," Emma Dockery wrote.

Through the organization, Dockery wants to help spread the word on the challenges that are faced by the whole family, and let people know that they are supported.

"The family is the backbone of the men and women who serve," Dockery said. "Anytime we can do something tangible to take something off a military family's plate. We are very honored to do that."

While being a part of a win in the NFL was a great feeling for Dockery, the work he now gets to do is incredibly rewarding as well. With each life he touches, he knows that a difference is being made.

"Being able to smile, faces of these families and children light up. That's what it's all about," Dockery said. "It really makes us feel good on the inside to know that hey, this is making a difference. We're having an impact on people's lives."


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Fines issued to Ryan Anderson, DeAndrew White for hits that injured Olsen, Quinn

Fines issued to Ryan Anderson, DeAndrew White for hits that injured Olsen, Quinn

The NFL levied fines for unnecessary roughness to the Redskins linebacker Ryan Anderson and Panthers special teamer DeAndrew White after they delivered hits that forced opposing players to exit the game between the two teams in Week 13.

Anderson was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Panthers tight end Greg Olsen in the third quarter. Olsen exited the game with a concussion and didn’t return. He’s been declared inactive ahead of Carolina’s Week 14 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

Redskins fans were disgruntled with the referees for ejecting Anderson but allowing White to stay in the game when the crown of his helmet caught the facemask of Redskins punt returner Trey Quinn. Quinn was also pulled from the game with a concussion and has been declared inactive for Week 14.

Washington went on to win the game, 29-21.

Both players were given the same fine of $28,075 for their respective hits.


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New head coaching candidates uncomfortable with Redskins power structure, per report

New head coaching candidates uncomfortable with Redskins power structure, per report

The Redskins might struggle to get the new head coach they want due to the organization’s unique front-office structure, according to a new report. 

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported that some potential head coaching candidates are not sure they can properly function in Washington under the leadership of team president Bruce Allen and the existing front-office infrastructure. 

“My understanding is they've gotten some pushback on the current structure of the organization from some of those candidates,” Breer said during an appearance on 106.7 the Fan’s Grant and Danny program. 

The Redskins fired head coach Jay Gruden after he opened the season 0-5 and promoted Bill Callahan to interim head coach. In the weeks since Callahan took over, Washington is 3-4 and on a two-game win streak with the Green Bay Packers on tap this Sunday. 

While Callahan has stabilized the Redskins to some degree, it seems highly unlikely that he keeps the job in 2020. It’s also unclear if Allen will remain as team president and football boss. NBC Sports Washington and other reports have shown that Allen is under more scrutiny than ever in his 10-year tenure as team president and could be gone after this season. 

It’s been a rough year for Allen, as the team is in the middle of an awful season and standout left tackle Trent Williams has called him out personally for ugly tactics during a contract holdout. 

What that means going forward remains to be seen. 

Breer said NFL teams are starting to make covert outreach to potential coaching candidates, particularly college coaching candidates, and that the team is getting “pushback” because of the existing power structure. 

"My sense is that they've already gotten the feeling that the head coach search is going to be affected by the way that the building has operated for the last 10 years," Breer said.

The past 10 years mark Allen’s tenure, the era of no playoff wins and many, many embarrassing situations. 

If coaching candidates have reservations, it’s hard to blame them.