Because of the comments Ron Rivera has made multiple times this offseason, where the coach has indicated he wants to see Dwayne Haskins face competition for the Redskins' starting job, the team has at least been tangentially linked to various quarterbacks.

There was some thought that someone like Marcus Mariota might be worth chasing, but he's going to Las Vegas.

Kyle Allen appeared to be a logical target, but the Panthers re-signed him before free agency started.

Now, with Cam Newton on the trading block, it's natural to wonder if Rivera would want to bring him in

Derrius Guice, who's on Twitter quite a bit, has no doubt seen all of this chatter. On Tuesday, the running back decided to respond to it all and back up Haskins by making this statement:

It's a sentiment that many fans share as well, judging by the responses to links and stories about Washington possibly having interest in other passers. And it's one that makes some sense.

Haskins' rookie year was one that any young player would've had difficulty thriving in and included drama about how much people within the organization really wanted him plus a coaching change. Still, near the end of the season, he turned it on, seemed more comfortable and looked like someone who could deliver on his first-round status.

So, the line of thinking for Guice and those who agree with him probably sounds something like this: If Haskins could make such strides in just a few short months in a situation that was far from favorable, how much better could he get if the franchise simply supported him, gave him more weapons and stayed patient?


That's a fine way to reason, too. Here's a kid who went from unable to operate the offense in September to dicing up NFC East opponents in December. He progressed in a similar way at Ohio State. Give him time.

The issue, though, is that Rivera and Haskins have no real ties. The coach has been more complimentary of the 22-year-old as the offseason has rolled on, sure, but a few promising box scores and late-season strides clearly haven't convinced him to deem Haskins the starter and move on to other tasks.

At this point, it's clear where Guice stands: He's ready to ride with Haskins. Rivera's opinion, though, is less clear. How he attacks the remainder of free agency and the draft will provide the real indication of whether he agrees with Guice or not.

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