There's been some concern in the past with how the Redskins have used Josh Norman in their defense. Do they let him travel enough in the secondary and follow the opposing team's top target as much as they should?

That's a debate you can have on your own time. What you can't debate, though, is whether Norman travels enough in the offseason. Like, literally travels.

Norman is one of the most worthwhile Instagram follows on the Redskins' roster because of all the places he goes to, whether for a certain purpose or just for pure enjoyment. And so far, the corner has racked up a mountain of air miles since the 2018 campaign wrapped up.

Here he is in late February, hanging at an unspecified location where the water is so clear, it looks like you could put it in a bottle and consume it: 

Then, the defensive back — a football player who's a massive futbol fan — took in a Champions League match between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain in a little getaway called Paris:

Norman's next trip was a tremendous one; he and New Orleans linebacker Demario Davis went to Flint, MI to learn about the area's long-standing water crisis and try to make a difference there as best they could:

In mid-April, the 31-year-old again was on another continent. This time, he was in Afghanistan for an apparent meeting with the acting Minister of Education:

A few days later, Norman went to the Brownsville & Matamoros Bridge, which spans the US and Mexico border. There, he assisted families who are forced to wait on the bridge as they hope to be granted access to America:

Finally, most recently, Norman took to the skies with the Navy's Blue Angels. Watching the video of his flight may make your palms unreasonably sweaty:

And you thought your summer calendar was crowded. Not compared to Norman's.