The words used to describe a perfect meal are the same words used to describe the way Terry McLaurin runs routes.

Splendid. Divine. Magnificent. Those all certainly work. 

Even though the rookie is just four games into his NFL career, he's already made some history and also made some opposing defenders look like amateurs. He said back in training camp that his quarterbacks love the way he goes about his business on the outside, and after following him for a month, it's obvious why.

The dude can get open against anyone. Want proof, as well as something to distract you from the 0-5 Redskins? Here's that proof and that distraction:

In that montage, there are examples of No. 17 employing everything, from his hands to his body to his speed, to shake off coverage and make himself available to Washington's passers. The 24-year-old was doing all of that against some pretty elite corners, too.

At this point, fans have a lot to stress about when it comes to the Redskins. However, those who follow the team can find some joy in turning on the TV once a week and watching McLaurin do his thing.

So, keep turning on the TV and watching McLaurin do his thing. At the very least, it'll be a way to expand your vocabulary, as you search for more words to describe his talent.