When you think of a taco, what ingredients come to mind?

There's the meat and the cheese (OK, getting hungry already, meat is so good). Then you imagine tomatoes and lettuce, plus the tortilla or shell. And if you keep going, you'll arrive on guac and salsa and hot sauce and probably some more meat because, again, meat is so good.

It would take you a while to get to ketchup, though — and that's if you even got there at all, which is unlikely. But according to new Redskins wide receiver Paul Richardson, ketchup needs to be a required topping when it comes to consuming the delicious dish.

"I think that you should put ketchup on tacos because it's the right way to eat tacos," Richardson said after his team's third open OTA session on Wednesday. 

This all started when, a few weeks ago, the wideout tweeted this:

Now, replies to that message included, "What did tacos ever do to you?!" "Delete this" and "This tweet makes it a little easier for me that you are no longer a seahawk." Clearly, not everyone felt the same conviction about Richardson's preferred taco topping.

Yet he stood strong when he was reminded about that amount of backlash following the offseason practice in Ashburn.

"It's not debatable," he confidently said.

Readers of this blog — the seven of you who are out there, that is — would be forgiven for falling in line with those who responded to Richardson's original tweet. Ketchup goes on burgers and fries and hot dogs, but tacos? That's just absurd.


However, after listening to Richardson make his case for the condiment, it's hard not to consider at least trying it. Seriously, read the following quote from the 26-year-old. This is something that's very important to him.

"If you just put a little line of ketchup on your tacos, it's going to take you to the next level of your taco career," he said. "It's just gonna open your whole mind up."

Open up your mind. Advance your taco career. Put ketchup on your tacos.

But just a tiny bit, like Richardson said. Let's not get too crazy.