Yes, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will likely be on a different team next year. No, that team will not be the Redskins.

It's easy to piece together why some fans may want the Redskins to target Newton. Washington has struggled significantly on offense this season, and it's currently in a 13-quarter touchdown drought.

Cam has been a Pro Bowler multiple times and even has an MVP award under his belt. Health is a concern, as Newton has been out since Week 2 and will miss the remainder of the 2019 season. But if healthy, Newton would be a quick fix at a position Washington has had six different players start at since Kirk Cousins departed in 2018.

NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay was asked on Twitter whether the Redskins would consider the move. Finlay, alongside Pete Hailey and Mitch Tischler, discussed on the Redskins Talk podcast whether the Burgundy and Gold should consider signing Newton if he becomes available during the offseason. 

You can listen to the debate at the 17:30 mark.

"The Redskins will not be in the running for Cam Newton," Finlay said. "Let's be crystal clear about that. I don't understand why anyone would think they would."

"Why would fans want that?" Hailey asked Finlay.

"Are the Redskins going to be in the market for a name quarterback?" Tischler asked.

"No," Finlay said.

All three were in agreement that the Redskins will bring in another quarterback, but that player would be a lower level, backup quality player.


"Dwayne Haskins is there, and as of right now, Alex Smith is lurking in the background," Tischler said. "They are going to have to bring in somebody else, but it's not going to be somebody you expect to be starting level."

ESPN's Redskins Insider, John Keim, joined the Redskins Talk podcast and weighed in on the discussion, too.

"I even asked someone there recently, 'Would you guys go out and get a veteran free agent who could possibly start?'" Keim said. "They said, 'You can't put Dwayne on the bench for two years.'"

All signs point to Haskins being the Redskins' Week 1 starter in 2020. Only time will tell whether or not that ends up happening.

But the Redskins will not be signing Cam Newton, even if he becomes available.